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Young People Leaving Care

Supporting Pathways to Adulthood
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The journey to adulthood is a big step for all young people. However, for young people leaving care it may be far more difficult, coping with major changes in their lives and at a younger age, especially if they lack preparation and support.

Young People Leaving Care explores the journey from care to adulthood through the main challenges these young people face: in being in settled accommodation, in fulfilling their potential in education, employment or training, and in achieving and maintaining good health and a positive sense of wellbeing. For each of these pathways, the book provides a comprehensive review of relevant research, how young people might be best supported, and how the services they receive have the potential to increase resilience and boost their chances of enjoying a fulfilled life as a young adult.

This is an essential book for all those who work with young people from care, including social workers, personal advisers, counsellors, teachers, policy makers, researchers and students in the field of child welfare.
  • Published: Aug 15 2012
  • Pages: 200
  • 228 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781849052443
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Press Reviews

  • PSW (Professional Social Work)

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the needs of care leavers and the services needed to support them to enhance their outcomes. It is a helpful resource for any professional involved with care leaver.
  • Young Minds Magazine

    Young people Leaving Care. Supporting Pathways to Adulthood is not the first book to be published on the subject but with Mike Stein as the author it is one of the Best.
  • Gloria Pottor, "Open" Magazine for OU, the Fostering Network

    It is a useful book that covers important practical considerations for young people leaving care. It is full of interesting examples and discusses relevant and current research in a meaningful way.
  • Áine Rose Kelly, doctoral student at the Rees Centre & care leaver

    REES Centre Newsletter
    This book maps out the journey that young people take when leaving the care system... I would suggest that it is read by anyone working with young people in or from care. It should be used as a key resource for highlighting some of the challenges that we face during early adulthood when our support from children services has been withdrawn... It provides a comprehensive review of the development of policies in England; at the same time, it also highlights the needs of the most vulnerable young people to leave the care system and suggests ways in which professionals can promote their successful transitions into adulthood.