About Us

Who Are We?

At Jessica Kingsley Publishers, our authors have been celebrated for both their lived experience and specialist expertise on autism, social work, and arts therapies since we started in 1987. Since then, we've broken ground in mental health, gender diversity, adoption, and neurodiversity, as we persist in seeking out voices that have been, and continue to be, underrepresented in our world. Our publishing aims to address the challenges our communities face, while establishing positive narratives about difference that uplift and empower.

What our readers say about our books

“Honestly, the best book I have received all year. I feel seen. I feel represented. And I am in awe.”
5-star Amazon review of In Their Shoes

“My sadness is that I did not have this book as my constant companion when growing up. My happiness is that I can now share it with all the dyslexics I work with, young and old. I want to shout about this book to the stars and back again!”
A review of The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do

“I absolutely love JKP books. They always open my eyes to experiences that I would usually not encounter, and I genuinely feel like they've made me a more well-informed, empathetic person."
A review of Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism

Why We Publish

Every week we get messages from people that say how their lives have been changed by the books that we publish, how we’ve helped them feel included in a society where difference is all too often frowned upon.

Our editors, marketing and sales teams speak regularly with our readers - on social media, at conferences and book events, and through long-standing partnerships with associations and charities – so that we can gather first-hand the feedback that informs our future publishing.

Many of our authors have lived experience. They are the experts, and it’s our job to make sure their voices are heard.

We want our books to inspire readers to change society for the better.

Award-Winning Publisher

A Brief History

  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers is founded

    Pledging to be a publisher that produces ‘books that make a difference’, we begin our journey focusing on social sciences, higher education and behavioural sciences.

  • The autism list is launched

    JKP begins to build trust within the autism community with a growing stream of books that establish positive perspectives on difference.

  • An imprint of JKP, 'Singing Dragon' is founded

    SD starts its life empowering expert communities in the realms of complementary and alternative health, Tai Chi, Qigong and ancient wisdom traditions for health and wellbeing.

  • JKP joins Hachette

    30 years after being founded, JKP is bought by Hachette, enabling it to extend its reach to readers and offer more opportunities for staff.

  • JKP breaks new ground with the birth of our gender diversity list

    The new stream publishes in a bid to help “encourage greater understanding of gender identity and expression”.

  • The JKP Writing Prize for underrepresented voices in non-fiction is founded

    The first ever project was Transitions, a visionary anthology on what it means to be trans today and every day.

  • Eight of our titles are selected for the Reading Well Scheme

    Our books selected in the Reading Agency's Young People’s Mental Health list will be available in libraries up and down the country.

  • Coming soon: The personalised autism book

    Our first ever personalizable book for autistic kids launches. Sign up to the autism children’s mailing list to stay tuned!