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Wounded Bird of Paradise

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When Mabelline sets out on a journey to visit her pen pal Rosa, she doesn't expect to be staying quite as long as she does. Mabelline quickly takes Rosa and her son Carlos to her heart, but she knows right away there is something different about the boy. When tragedy occurs, Mabelline becomes responsible for Carlos as he struggles to fit into a world based on rules he doesn't understand, and finds himself in serious trouble.

This unlikely pair takes us on an emotional journey that warms the heart whilst illustrating the difficulties someone with Asperger Syndrome encounters trying to hold down a job as a flower grower, make friends, talk to girls, and cope with life.
  • Published: May 15 2004
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 9781843102564
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Press Reviews

  • Good Autism Practice

    This would be a lovely 'holiday' read for anyone whether they are knowledgeable about autism or not.
  • School Librarian Journal

    The book does not really have a ending as it is a kind of emotional journey for two persons who do not really understand each other's needs. I feel the book does try a lot to explain the behaviour of Asperger to readers of 14 plus. The language is uncomplicated, with short punchy sentences. It is a very poignant story, the book has been well researched, and it is highly recommended for the emotionally mature reader.
  • Leicester Mercury

    Essinger writes sensitively. Funny, touching and sad, this is a novel which lingers in the memory.