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What to Feed an Asperger

How to go from 3 foods to 300 with love, patience and a little sleight of hand
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Packed full of tips and tricks to improve the diet of super sensitive Asperger kids, this book is a must read for parents who want to help their children overcome food avoidance and sensory sensitivities.

Sarah Patten shows other parents that they are far from alone in their struggle to get their children to eat a varied and well-balanced diet. She describes how, through a combination of love, patience and a little sleight of hand, she managed to get her son to go from eating just three bland white foods to eating a colourful and nutritious diet including fruit and vegetables. Providing recipes for many simple, healthy meals given the Asperger seal of approval, as well as advice for making mealtime routines, eating together as a family and eating out as stress-free as possible, the book provides a wealth of ideas and strategies for moving towards a more varied and nutritious diet. It also includes food diaries and charts to make planning meals and tracking progress simple.
  • Published: Feb 06 2015
  • Pages: 184
  • 227 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849057684
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Press Reviews

  • Jane Donlan, co-founder of ASK-PERGERS? and co-author of Create a Reward Plan for your child with Asperger Syndrome and Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through Everyday Transitions

    Sarah Patten clearly understands food, and Asperger`s Syndrome! And this shines through as she describes her son`s initially tentative, yet increasingly daring relationship with food. Henry`s journey with food is told with love, warmth, and humour, and the mouth-watering recipes are sure to make you feel hungry too!
  • Tony Attwood, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Minds & Hearts Clinic, Australia, and author of The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

    At last we have an easy to read and engaging manual which provides parents with invaluable information on the sensory aspects of food as perceived by someone who has Asperger's syndrome. The text subsequently provides a rationale, framework and effective strategies to encourage a wider range of ingredients in meals. This book could transform the emotional atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room to the great relief of all family members.
  • Carrie Cariello, author of What Colour is Monday?: How Autism Changed One Family for the Better, mother of five including one son with autism, blogger at

    In What to Feed an Asperger: How to go from three foods to three hundred with love, patience and a little sleight of hand, Sarah Patten details her journey to expand her son's limited diet. Sarah Patten's approach is useful for any family where dinner time has become a battleground.
  • Autism eye

    This easy-to-read, engaging book provides recipes for many simple, healthy meals. There's an advice on how to make mealtime routines and eating as a family as stress-free as possible. A useful good diary and charts are also included to help plan meals and track progress.