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What Does Eating Disorder Recovery Look Like?

Answers to Your Questions about Therapy and Recovery
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Do you have questions about eating disorders that you are afraid to ask? How about questions you did ask, but couldn't get an answer to?

From the causes of eating disorders to the most effective treatment approaches, this guide offers honest answers to difficult questions. Drawing on their experience supporting young people and adults with eating disorders, the authors provide insight into treatment and share information about recovery that is often harder to find.

Ideal for individuals and families at every stage of the recovery process, this book is relevant and sensitive to all types of eating disorder and has been developed to include insights from first-hand experience, alongside expert guidance. It also acknowledges the specific questions families, carers and non-medical professionals might have, helping them to understand the recovery process and better support others.
  • Published: Aug 21 2023
  • Pages: 208
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781839972201
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Kate Tchanturia, King’s College London

    An important read for patients, families and clinicians to learn about what eating disorder recovery looks like from two experienced clinicians. Very interesting work.
  • Dr Giulia Sciolli, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

    A book that goes to the heart of the problem with eating disorders - their complexity - and makes that complexity more understandable not only to those who suffer from these conditions, but to family carers and friends, too. Giombini and Nesbitt, together with the voices of some of their patients and carers, write with brave honesty about how frustratingly difficult, unpredictable, messy and imperfect recovery from an eating disorder is, but also about how, notwithstanding this, it is all about learning to trust - oneself and those who reach out to help.
  • Paola Falcoski, Advanced Special Eating Disorder Dietician

    An absolute must read! It invites us to think about the meaning of recovery in a very compassionate, holistic and human way. I would encourage everyone to read it.
  • Claire Higgins, Clinical Psychologist

    A very readable book for young people and families experiencing eating disorders. It offers a realistic perspective of the challenges and weaves stories of recovery and hope throughout.