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What Children Need to Be Happy, Confident and Successful

Step by Step Positive Psychology to Help Children Flourish
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What makes children happy, confident and successful? How can you help a child to flourish? Their environment is important, but the real difference is in your hands – every adult has the tools to help a child achieve psychological wellbeing.

This book provides a practical model for helping children flourish and achieve their personal potential in every area of their lives. Drawing on ideas from positive psychology and child development theory, the model explores the five key areas of wellbeing: personal strengths, emotional wellbeing, positive communication, learning strengths, and resilience. Practical activities are included for each area, and a questionnaire provides an assessment to enable you to keep track of progress.

Suitable for use with children aged 3–11, this step-by-step guide is an ideal resource for professionals working with children, including counsellors, social workers, teachers, and psychotherapists, as well as parents.
  • Published: Mar 15 2012
  • Pages: 176
  • 229 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781849052399
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Press Reviews

  • Youth in Mind

    This book is insightful, and reading about parenting and children's wellbeing from a positive psychology perspective makes it very interesting, especially to anyone whose work is based upon behavioural theories and practice.
  • Positive Psychology News Daily

    It's obvious from the outset that Jeni Hooper really understands children and knows what they need to flourish. Her empathy radiates throughout,.. I think this is a fantastic book for parents, care-givers, and professionals working directly with children. It's full of useful advice based on Jeni Hooper's extensive personal experience of what works and what doesn't work. It is clearly written and easy to read... Whether you're thinking about using the book at home or in a work environment, you will be able to pick it up quickly and help the children in your life become happier, more confident, and more successful.
  • Special Needs Book Review

    Jeni Hooper's new book is essential reading for all professionals working with children including teachers, counsellors, social workers, as well as parents, and grandparents... What I especially like about Jeni Hooper's book is how the focus is always on the whole child... "How to find the right balance for effective parenting?" Read Ms Hooper's book carefully and keep it handy for future reference.
  • Miriam Akhtar, positive psychologist, coach, trainer and visiting lecturer, University of East London, UK

    A real achievement. Jeni Hooper has taken the evidence base of positive psychology and turned it into easy-to-use tools to help children to flourish. The book has everything you need to encourage children to develop their individual strengths and realise their potential.
  • Dr Sean Cameron, Educational and Child Psychologist and Co-director of the Pillars of Parenting Social Enterprise

    It is easy to see why so many of the hundreds of books on how to bring up a child seem to be focused on the challenges and difficulties of this task: the avoidance and management of problems is rightly high on any parenting priority list. However, Jeni Hooper reminds us that there is also another equally important component of good parenting -- helping children and young people to achieve appropriately high levels of personal and social wellbeing and fulfilment. She informs us how to achieve this in a most enticing way in her parent-friendly book. Essential reading for parents and carers, teachers... and grandparents!
  • Chris Chesterman, Independent EP

    Debate - British Psychological Society
    This is an important book, one that I and many other Educational Psychologists (EPs) have already recommended highly to our colleagues... Jeni Hooper has produced a work for anyone - parents, teachers, children's professionals, etc, - who has an interest in the emotional health and well-being of children. The book is principally focused on the author's "Flourishing Programme", (which) represents a tour de force of the application of positive psychology to the whole area of children's emotional development and well-being... This book has some outstanding features... it covers so much ground, has a heavy reliance throughout on tables, lists, figures and boxes... The wisdom of this book "Changing the world, one child at a time" can be our aim and Jeni Hooper's marvelous book can certainly help us achieve that.