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A Comic About Restorative Justice in Schools
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Designed for use in schools, this comic teaches children about restorative justice through the story of Jake and Ryan. After a misunderstanding between Jake and Ryan leads to a fight in the playground, both boys are left feeling angry and fearful about what might happen when they see each other again. Rather than keeping Jake and Ryan apart, their teacher arranges a restorative meeting to allow the boys to understand the situation from the other's perspective and transform their negative emotions into positive ones.

This comic is a key resource in helping children aged 8-13 to understand restorative justice and prepare for a restorative meeting. The comic also features a resource section for teachers, explaining more about restorative practices and how they can be used in schools to foster respect and emotional literacy among students.
  • Published: May 05 2016
  • 238 x 196mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920165
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Press Reviews

  • Margaret Thorsborne, restorative consultant, practitioner, trainer and author

    Restorative practitioners know there is always a story behind the story, often several. This delightful comic book is a wonderful narrative about how stories come together and, with the right process, can bring healing. Its focus on feelings and thoughts and how these lead to decisions and misunderstandings will give children permission to talk about the sorts of things that have a huge influence on our behaviour. It will be a worthy addition to resources aimed at primary school students and a useful platform to explain restorative problem-solving to young people. I can't wait to have my own copy to show to schools and parents.
  • Hannah Severn, Senior Practitioner, Burbank

    The scenario and reactions were very realistic. I personally can't wait to use it with at least two of my boys!
  • Jo Brown, Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator

    I really enjoyed reading this comic. I found it moving, and think that parents and adults will get as much out of it as children.
  • Hilary Wainer, Early Years Special Education Inclusion Teacher

    This is a really lovely comic. Blessed be the peacemakers.
  • Belinda Hopkins, Director at Transforming Conflict, National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings

    Punishment does not help to get to the bottom of why conflicts start in the first place, nor does it help to put things right between those in conflict. Here is a book that shows a different way - and it does so using a realistic story, beautifully illustrated. Ryan and Jake thought there was no way out of the situation they found themselves in - until a kind adult offered a listening ear and a set of really useful conflict resolution skills. The approach she used is based on something called 'restorative justice'. Check it out - it's not hard to learn and you could help your friends, and your teachers, to handle conflicts more effectively.
  • Sharon Hall, Teaching Assistant

    The comic is brilliant for my students, we could do a whole lesson plan on it. Many of our children come to school in a negative state and could understand how Jake feels when he is seen crying. It creates a good solid base for getting them to think of their personal situations.
  • Lauren Seager-Smith, National Co-ordinator

    Anti-Bullying Alliance
    ?If you've not been trained in restorative practices but think it's something you'd like to know more about and try with your students then read this book. If you already use restorative practices in your school or youth setting and want to explain what's going to happen with children or parents then I strongly recommend you have some copies to hand. Restorative practices that seek to repair relationships are an important tool when it comes to permanent resolution of bullying incidents. This book will give you the confidence you need to try it.'