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Using Imagination, Mindful Play and Creative Thinking to Support Wellbeing and Resilience in Children

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Forms part of JKP's 'Helping Children to Improve Wellbeing and Resilience' series

Using a model of 'mindfulness play' to help children to achieve wellbeing, this book encourages children to build awareness of their inner and outer worlds. This multidimensional approach, designed and developed by an experienced speech and language therapist, centres on the importance of play activities to build psychological, emotional and social wellbeing and looks into the pivotal role adults play in supporting a child's self-esteem. By promoting the growth of self-esteem in different areas of a child's life, the book shows how adults help children to establish a firm basis of wellbeing from which they can flourish.

The accompanying activity booklets that demonstrate the practical application of this approach are:
· Helping Children to Manage Transitions
· Helping Children to Manage Stress
· Helping Children to Manage Friendships
· Helping Children to Manage Anger
· Helping Children to Build Self-Confidence
· Helping Children to Build their Communication Skills

The strategies in this ebook guide show how imagination, mindfulness and creativity can enhance our daily interactions with children, and the activity books encourage children to build life skills through structured experiences and through experimenting with different ways of thinking and 'being'.
  • Published: Feb 21 2022
  • Pages: 179
  • ISBN: 9781787758674
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Press Reviews

  • Guy Shennan, therapist, consultant and trainer, author of Solution-Focused Practice: Effective Communication to Facilitate Change

    Imagine you have read this book, and have gained all you could possibly hope for from it, in developing your creativity and ability to use your imagination, in mindful ways, in the service of the children you support. Close your eyes and savour the feeling and sense of this, and you'll have had a glimpse of what reading and using this wonderful book, packed with ideas and activities, will be like. Enjoy!