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Understanding Your Baby

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Why do some mothers and babies take to breast feeding while others don't? And what are the emotions involved for mother and baby when the baby rejects a feed, or when breast feeding stops? What happens when parents and their babies have to negotiate separations, or deal with night-time crying? What if your baby's distress makes you feel that you cannot cope? This book takes the reader through the entire first year of a baby's life, anticipating parents' questions and covering topics ranging from parental feelings during pregnancy to a 10-month-old's sociability and deepening relationships.
  • Published: Jun 15 2004
  • Pages: 80
  • 233 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843102427
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Press Reviews

  • 0-19 Magazine

    Review for all of the series 'They are a rich resource of balanced, sensitive and non-judgemental advice to help parents and professionals looking after children... The central subject is the mental and emotional development of children and their parents. And the style is intelligent and friendly. Each book is divided into very easily digestible sections, with excellent (and often very funny) case studies scattered liberally throughout and a really detailed contents page for those "where did I see that bit about?" moments... The books form a cohesive and continuous guide to almost everything I have ever wondered about bringing up my children. I learnt a lot. And a friend, mother of her first two-year-old, could not wait to get her hands on these when I described them. They are now going into our bathroom "reference library" for family and visitors to peruse and digest.'
  • Bill Hibberd, director, The Parent Organisation.

    For any new and prospective parents who have an expectation of compliant and obedient babies that will develop along a clear path, these books will be a revelation. Parents who are beginning to wonder whether they have created some kind of monster will be greatly reassured to learn that there is not an unusual situation.