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Understanding ADHD in Girls and Women

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Written by expert professionals, this book provides comprehensive information about available support for women and girls with ADHD and tips for clinicians and professionals who work with them.

The symptoms of ADHD are no less impairing in females than males, but can be missed or misunderstood. This book arms professionals, parents, and women themselves as it maps out where to go for information, who can help and how to understand ADHD better. It explains routes to assessment and diagnosis for girls and young women, how to access support in education, available treatments, and the impact of living with ADHD on overall mental health. It explores the benefits of ADHD coaching for girls to help develop their unique strengths and talents.

There is also a focus on ADHD diagnosis for women in adulthood and specific advice about treatment and medication for later in life. Central to the book are the personal experiences of ADHD from women and girls from a variety of backgrounds. These tell of late diagnosis, missed opportunities, a lifetime of adaptations and the power of recognition and treatment and are powerful stories for professionals and individuals with ADHD alike.
  • Published: Apr 21 2021
  • Pages: 352
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787754003
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Press Reviews

  • Fin O’Regan, behaviour and SEND consultant and trainer

    This is a powerful and proactive publication. For far too long in the area of ADHD "boys have made all the noise" whilst girls and women with ADHD have gone undetected, unrecognised and suffered in silence. This book, written with a combination of experts in the field and the voices of girls and women who have lived with ADHD, outlines the scale of the issue and what can be done about it. This book is not just timely it is vital. By highlighting the impact of ADHD in girls and women this book will change many lives, not just for girls and women today but for all those in the future. In my view this is the most important book written in the field of ADHD for many, many years.