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The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic Parenting for Childhood Aggression and Violence

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"Parenting a distressed child puts us in an extraordinary situation, which demands extraordinary parenting."

The reasons why distressed children may behave violently can be complex; this book sets out the biological, psychological, and environmental reasons as to why your child may be displaying violent behaviours and helps you develop strategies to reduce the incidence of violence, de-escalate violent situations and repair relationships following incidents.

With the aid of this guide, develop a language to enable children to understand their emotional states in a safe environment. Expertly written by award-winning author, columnist and adoptive parent Sally Donovan and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist Carly Kingswood; learn how to care for yourself and the children in your lives.
  • Published: Aug 21 2023
  • Pages: 256
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970115
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Press Reviews

  • Helen Bonnick, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer on child to parent violence and abuse

    These two amazing women totally have your corner! They've lived this stuff, but they've also researched it, read it, listened, and thought about it endlessly. Their wisdom is matched only by their empathy and their easy style of writing. This is a no-messing-about guide - grounded and earthy. Laughter and tears are both permitted and may well occur, as they lead you to a more hopeful place.