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The Mermaid Who Couldn't

How Mariana Overcame Loneliness and Shame and Learned to Sing Her Own Song
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Mariana the Mermaid is not like the other mermaids. Abandoned by a careless mother on the ocean floor, she has never laughed or played, and can barely even swim. She feels useless.

Then she meets Muriel the Turtle, who welcomes her into her family and teaches her to sing her own mighty song, making her feel confident and ready to join in with the other mermaids.

Written for children aged 4+, this picture book uses a simple metaphor to show how children who have experienced neglect or who lack confidence can learn to find a sense of self-worth. It will help children explore their feelings and encourage communication.
  • Published: Jun 21 2022
  • Pages: 32
  • 252 x 198mm
  • ISBN: 9781839975516
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Press Reviews

  • Jay Vaughan, Family Futures Clinical Director

    The little mermaid's journey is captivating as she moves from feeling lost and lonely to finding friends and discovering her voice. This is such an important message, beautifully told, for children who lack self worth and feel that they have nothing about them worthy of love. The Mermaid Who Couldn't' is a moving story of hope!
  • Nina Ridsdale, British Association of Play Therapy

    The story is both powerful, painful yet beautiful to read. The characters, illustrations and the poetic style of the text draws the reader in and maintains their interest throughout. The author captures and illustrates sensitively, painful feelings which could facilitate helpful discussion. Whilst the Mermaid's journey is painful and arduous, the story offers hope and resolution. What is particularly refreshing is there is no fairy tale ending, instead it instils hope that repair and recovery can happen within relationships over time. This book will appeal to therapists working with children, Foster Carers, Adopters and others in the Social Care field - I am thrilled to be adding it to my playroom book shelf!
  • Rita Soronen, President & CEO, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

    The Mermaid Who Couldn't is a powerful and beautifully illustrated story for children and adults alike, reminding us that even in the depths of self-doubt and despair, the capacity for change can come from something as simple as an act of kindness and a helping hand.
  • Sally Donovan OBE, author of No Matter What and The Unofficial Guide to Adoptive Parenting

    Themes of belonging, perseverance and hope, gently lap over this rich and poetic tale. A beautiful gem of a book that will delight and encourage all little mermaids learning to sing a different song and those helping them to learn. I heartily recommend it.