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The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People with Learning Difficulties

A Guide for Educators
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Knowing when children and young people are struggling, and identifying the best ways of supporting them is vital. This is all the more important when working with children with varying learning difficulties who may not always be able to communicate their feelings.

By demystifying terms such as mental health, wellbeing, learning difficulties and the sensitivities surrounding labels, this practical and evidence-based guide helps you achieve an in-depth understanding of the children and young people you work with. It provides you with skills and knowledge for supporting their mental health and wellbeing in educational settings - from nursery to secondary school in both mainstream and specialist environments with talking and non-verbal communication approaches to accommodate varying needs. Most importantly its holistic approach explores the interaction between the child's learning difficulties and the psychological, social and environmental factors which influence how they manage their ups and downs in life. This lets you think beyond the child and the classroom.
  • Published: Feb 21 2024
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 9781839975486
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Press Reviews

  • Sue Hewitt, Principal Beacon Hill Academy, Chair Federation of Leaders in Special Education

    An easy read with something for everyone. Child-centred, with easy language, practical ideas and examples, help to inspire and challenge you. It's a must have handbook to dip into and go back to time and again.
  • Andrew Colley, former senior lecturer in special education at the University of East London and author of a number of books and articles supporting the wellbeing of young people

    I highly recommend this outstanding book. It is thorough, clear and accessible so that parents, teachers and other professionals can easily find vital information, activities and essential case studies.
  • Mike Sissons, Independent SEN consultant & author of ‘Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress (MAPP)’

    A lucid, comprehensive and much needed exploration of this important subject. The combination of theory, case studies and practical 'toolbox' ideas makes this is an extremely valuable resource for professional development and reflection.