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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Handbook for Schools

Transforming Mental Health Support on a Budget
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This book lays out an intuitive and practical approach to mental health and wellbeing that any school can adopt to transform their mental health support for students.

With a focus on providing staff with practical tools on a limited budget, the book helps schools make a real difference to student mental health. It sets out a roadmap for staff to create robust mental health support for students without requiring qualifications in psychology or counselling. It covers key areas including staff training, creating safe spaces for wellbeing and how to harness the support of parents and the local community. It also includes practical advice for addressing concerns such as stress, self-harm and body image.

From small, everyday improvements that foster a culture of mental wellbeing to whole school campaigns, this book shows how to embed mental health at the heart of a school's philosophy.
  • Published: May 21 2019
  • Pages: 144
  • 214 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924811
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Sue Roffey, Honorary Associate Professor, Exeter University and Director, Growing Great Schools Worldwide

    Every chapter in this book is packed with practical ideas about what needs to happen for schools to take mental health seriously. Warmly and clearly written, with real world examples, Clare is focused on how to keep children and young people mentally well in an educational setting, as well as recognise those who are not in good shape. This well-timed volume will be of immense help to every school that realises that the wellbeing of both students and staff is critical not only for mental health but also an effective learning environment.
  • Hannah Wilson, Executive Headteacher Aureus School and Aureus Primary School

    We know our 'why' for making our schools mentally healthy. We know our 'what' for our children's wellbeing. We now have our 'how' to for all school leaders. As a leading wellbeing light, Clare's handbook is full of practical, cost-effective solutions, it is the key to unlock how our schools can operate differently. It is the hope that our school system is crying out for. Bravo, I am proud to call you a friend and have learnt so much from you.
  • Sue Cowley, bestselling author of numerous education books, including the international bestseller Getting the Buggers to Behave

    This is a timely and important book that will be vital reading for school leaders, pastoral staff and teachers. In this clear, practical and realistic guide, Clare Erasmus gives lots of ideas about how schools can support and prioritise the mental wellbeing of both students and staff. From advice on how to audit your current provision, to ideas about peer mentoring and wellbeing spaces, the author guides you through all aspects of mental health, with an insight borne out of hands-on experience and a wealth of research. This book demonstrates that schools can take simple yet positive steps to promote better mental health for their students, without it costing them a huge amount of money or adding to staff workload. At a time when the mental health of children and young people is in the spotlight, this book offers you a clear and insightful way through a complex and difficult subject. Clare Erasmus demonstrates how, even though you are not in a position to diagnose or treat mental health disorders, there is still plenty you can do to support and benefit all the children in your care.