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The Interbrain

How Unconscious Connections Influence Human Behaviour and Relationships
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  • Published: Jan 18 2018
  • 236 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054768
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Press Reviews

  • Steve Silberman, author of 'NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism' and 'How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently'

    The Interbrain is a groundbreaking, wide-ranging, and endlessly fascinating meditation on our innate ability to feel 'connected' to other people -- and on what can happen when that precious connection is diminished. It's compelling reading for anyone interested in the subtle mechanisms at work behind the essential experiences that make us human.
  • Dexter Dias QC, human rights lawyer and author of 'The Ten Types of Human'

    Digby Tantam's book, The Interbrain, is a necessary and innovative exploration of the biological and neurological essence of human nature. It opens our intellectual and conceptual vistas onto a more expansive and nuanced understanding of our interconnectedness. Such a stance, and such an argument, grounded as it is in first class research and thinking, is vitally necessary in an age in which fragmentation of the world, societies, communities and, indeed, individuals, occurs often unchallenged as the inescapable way of things. It is not. Read The Interbrain to find out why. Highly recommended.
  • Claire Nana

    Exploring compelling science, informative historical examples, and modern day phenomena, Tantam provides a unique look at human nature; what connects us, what divides us, and what we can learn from knowing the difference.