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The Handbook of Trauma-Transformative Practice

Emerging Therapeutic Frameworks for Supporting Individuals, Families or Communities Impacted by Abuse and Violence
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The definitive Handbook of Trauma-Transformative Practice brings together the work of leading international trauma experts to provide a detailed overview of trauma-informed practice and intervention: its history, the latest frameworks for practice and an inspiring vision for future trauma-transformative practice.

The Handbook is interdisciplinary, incorporating trauma research, interpersonal neuroscience, the historical and continuing experiences of victims and survivors, and insights from practitioners. It addresses a range of current issues spanning polyvagal theory, the social brain, oxytocin and the healing power of love, and the neuropsychological roots of shame. It also considers trauma through the lens of communities, with chapters on healing inter/transgenerational trauma and building communities' capacity to end interpersonal violence.

Furthermore the Handbook makes the case for a new way of thinking about trauma - trauma transformative practice. One which is founded on the principle of working with the whole person and as part of a network of relationships, rather than focusing on symptoms to improve practice, healing and recovery.
  • Published: Feb 21 2024
  • Pages: 488
  • 226 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755772
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Press Reviews

  • Gabor Maté MD, Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma: Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

    In this illuminating and comprehensive volume, Dr Joe Tucci and distinguished colleagues present a dazzling compendium of evidence-based knowledge about the multifaceted manifestations of trauma, along with exciting and proven approaches to its treatment.
  • Bessel van der Kolk MD, Professor of Psychiatry BUSM President, Trauma Research Foundation

    This rich multidisciplinary book provides us with a deep dive into a trauma transformation paradigm rooted in a thorough understanding of developmental neuroscience and the synthesis of a range of effective interventions of trauma informed practices.
  • Dan Siegel, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute; Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

    Imagine being provided a scientifically solid set of deep dives into the fabric of trauma and being offered actionable steps we can take to help transform human suffering into ways we can connect and flourish. In this magnificent collection of leading world authorities offering concise and insightful overviews of their life's work, our able editors have curated a comprehensive view of how overwhelming adversity impacts development, shapes our neural and relational connections, and leaves us with assaults on trust, hope, and possibility. By summarizing and contrasting each of the chapters' detailed immersions, we, the fortunate recipients of this hard earned wisdom, are provided a practical guide to re-imagining "trauma-informed" approaches and cultivating a focused, in-depth offering of "trauma-transformation" that can alleviate individual distress and offer the potential to put an end to the collective, intergenerational transmission of despair in our lives. A deep bow of gratitude to Joe, Janise, Steve and Ed, for this life affirming work of heart.
  • Kim S Golding, CBE, Clinical Psychologist, DDP trainer and author

    It's a treasure to discover a book that provides a paradigm shift in thinking, informed by knowledge, wisdom, and transgenerational lived experience. In this volume, trauma-informed is transformed into a practice that all services and organisations need to take notice of.
  • Dr. Pat Ogden, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Founder

    The editors of this volume bring together a remarkable cadre of international experts to challenge us all to look at the full complexity of trauma, to go beyond "trauma-informed" individual care and embrace a comprehensive, holistic, integrative path capable of truly transforming the legacy of trauma. Brilliant!