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The Emotional Compass

How to Think Better about Your Feelings
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Feelings are something we have, not something we are.'

Revealing the complexity of emotions such as happiness, anger, fear, and jealousy, and how these are based on our perception of other people, Ilse Sand offers her professional wisdom on the psychology of feelings. Establishing that emotions are not always as appropriate as they first appear to be, the book encourages you to take a closer look at why you are feeling certain things, and how you can change how you feel. Especially written for highly sensitive people, guidance is included on how to identify the vulnerable feelings that often underlie our more volatile emotional states, and practical activities are suggested to help to embrace or reject sadness, delay impulsive actions, and allow yourself to be happy. Drawing on real-life examples throughout, the book offers you the means to improve your understanding of not only your own emotions and emotional actions, but those of others. The book will be immensely useful not only to people who feel things strongly, but to those who have trouble understanding or interpreting emotions and how to respond to the feelings they provoke.
  • Published: Sep 21 2016
  • Pages: 136
  • 200 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781785921278
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Press Reviews

  • Bent Falk, psychotherapist MPF, M.Th.

    In exemplarily clear and easy-to-read language, without therapeutic clichés, Ilse Sand takes readers through a cleansing bath for emotional mental hygiene. The book is highly recommended.
  • Tidsskrift for Psykoterapi [Journal of Psychotherapy]

    The book is written as simple, straightforward advice in which complicated material is made easy to understand. The language is reader-friendly and accommodates our differences with great understanding.
  • Magasinet Psykologi [Psychology Magazine]

    Ilse Sand guides you with simple advice and concrete exercises through the labyrinth of emotions, so you can learn to let go of old, unwelcome patterns and start working through your emotions - and, more to the point, achieve a greater acceptance and understanding of your feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Kelly O’Laughlin, The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

    This is the style of self-help that I love: dense content with no fluff. The Emotional Compass contains logical, actionable guidance for identifying our feelings (something many of us might not realize we need help doing) and managing anxiety, jealousy, anger, and envy as a sensitive person