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The Dimensions of Dreams

The Nature, Function, and Interpretation of Dreams
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In what has been called `the best general introduction to this subject' (Die Welt, Hamburg), The Dimensions of Dreams summarises in one encyclopedic volume the vast knowledge modern science has been able to amass about the world of dreams since Freud first published his groundbreaking Interpretation of Dreams in 1900. Freud's work, and that of Jung, provided the main impetus for many of the dream theories that have arisen this century, all trying to tease meaning from the often puzzling contents of dreams and to enlist them in the therapeutic process. Ole Vedfelt reviews in depth the large body of research about dreams that has found its way into the literature, from the work of Freud and Jung to that of many other important investigators, including Alfred Adler, Erich Fromm, Montague Ullman, Calvin Hall and Medard Boss.

Vedfelt also discusses dreamwork in gestalt therapy and psychodrama, and describes the results of modern laboratory investigations of sleep and dreaming. How dreams are affected by organic diseases and physical symptoms, the relationship between dreams and psychosis, parapsychological phenomena, esoteric dream understanding, and consciousness-expanding dreams are among other subjects covered. The Dimensions of Dreams is an excellent handbook for the professional, and compelling reading for those with a general interest.
  • Published: Jan 24 2002
  • Pages: 448
  • 233 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100683
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Press Reviews

  • Dream Network Journal

    His process provides the reader with a depth and richness to stimulate the rational mind and imagination alike. The scholarship is backed up with years of experience in public and private practice. Indeed, I would rank Ole Vedfeld's study as among the best of its kind; certainly a volume of reflective reference to be keep on hand by both professional and lay dream-culture worker.
  • Dramatherapy

    This is a comprehensive, clearly written and translated book which covers a wide range of approaches. This is a useful and welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in dream work.
  • Publishers Weekly

    Unusually comprehensive in its scope and depth, this compendium of dream theory and interpretation backs up Danish psychotherapist Vedfelt's basic premise: any dream contains multiple layers of meaning that can be tapped if the dream is analysed from a number of different angles...This is an indispensable resource for psychotherapists and researchers that will also stimulate laypersons who are serious about remembering and analysing their dreams.
  • Symbolon (Holland)

    This book without a doubt is destined to become a classic...of great importance to anyone interested in dreams.
  • Society for Analytical Psychology

    I find Vedfelt's book impressive and inspiring. Notwithstanding its high academic and theoretical content, the book is entertaining and a pleasure to read. Vedfelt has provided a powerful and important contribution to the study of the world of dreams.
  • Die Welt (Leading German Newspaper)

    Ole Vedfelt's book "The Dimensions of Dreams" with its wealth of dream material and excellent examples from the theory and practice of the different schools must be considered to be the best general introduction to this fascinating subject today.
  • Nederlandse Bibliotheek Dienst (Dutch Library Service)

    Anyone who is interested in the phenomenon, both lay and professional, can find an excellent overview of the many tendencies, illustrated by many dreams and their explanations.