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The Continuum of Restorative Practices in Schools

An Instructional Training Manual for Practitioners
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An instructional manual on restorative justice in schools from world-leading experts; this 'how to' guide offers guidance on the issues of carrying out restorative practices, including coping with day-to-day problems, and offers worksheets for practical daily use.

Beginning with challenges to orthodox thinking about behaviour change, it goes on to describe a multitude of approaches to respond to minor incidents in school settings, then takes a close look at using restorative approaches to bullying, before it finally focuses on the formal end of the continuum (including conference preparation and facilitation). This book is reflective of the evolution of processes and responses from the most serious of incidents through to minor everyday issues, making this an essential resource for all school staff.
  • Published: Feb 21 2022
  • Pages: 208
  • 294 x 208mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970412
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Press Reviews

  • Maurie Abraham, Principal, Hobsonville Point Secondary School

    This book is so much more than a 'How To' manual for restorative practices in schools. By offering a continuum of responses it lays out a whole-school approach to the full range of relationship issues supported with excellent advice on decision-making and a powerful chapter on 'What ifs?' It also supports the development of a relationship-based approach to teaching and learning. Gold!
  • Dr Belinda Hopkins, Director of Transforming Conflict and author of Just Schools, Just Care and Restorative Theory in Practice

    Still passionate about their work, Marg and Dave write with insight, generosity, compassion and understanding, distilling over 25 years of wisdom and experience into a seamless narrative that is a joy to read. The book is highly practical and is essential reading for both those new to the field and those with more experience.
  • Dr. Terence Bevington, Director, Conexus Conflict Consultancy

    Restorative trainers, trainees and practitioners will find this book invaluable. It is very much a manual - thoughtfully guiding the reader through the what, why and how of a range of school-based restorative processes. The scenarios are a great training resource and the case studies illustrate the sometimes messy reality of running restorative processes. A highly recommended and valuable resource.
  • Nancy Riestenberg, Author, Circle in The Square: Building Community and Repairing Harm in School

    Marg Thorsborne and David Vinegrad have harvested their experience, skills and learnings into a restorative book of knowledge! Each practice-while unique in real time-is presented with theoretical background and practical tips. Practitioners the world over will glean insight through comparison with their own context and practice.
  • Dr Shelley Davidow, Senior Lecturer in Education, School of Education and Tertiary Access, University of the Sunshine Coast

    A timely and essential handbook on Restorative Practice in schools by an expert team. Underpinned by decades of practice and research, this masterful guide offers a wealth of support to school communities so that they can build, repair and maintain relationships over the long-term for the benefit of all.