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The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality

From Ace to Ze
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There can be confusion around the appropriate terminology for trans and queer identities, even within the trans community itself. As language is constantly evolving, it can be especially difficult to know what to say. As a thorough A-Z glossary of trans and queer words from 'ace' to 'xe', this dictionary guide will help to dispel the anxiety around using the "wrong" words, while explaining the weight of using certain labels and providing individuals with a vocabulary for personal identification.

Having correct and accurate terminology to describe oneself can be empowering, especially with words and phrases that describe gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, as well as slang relevant to LGBTQ+ rights and anti-discrimination, queer activism, gender-affirming healthcare and psychology. Written in a traditional A-Z glossary style, this guide will serve as a quick reference for looking up individual words, as well as an in-depth look at trans history and culture.
  • Published: Apr 18 2019
  • Pages: 344
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923425
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Press Reviews

  • Juno Roche, writer

    In his introduction the author talks of not 'neutralising' queer terms but to 'arm queer youth and newly identified queers with the language which to describe themselves, so that they may articulate their needs, throw this book in the bin, set it on fire and create new words and definitions from the ashes.' My hope is that they don't throw this wonderfully enriching book onto the fire but pass it on to another. Language really, really matters, it always has, but in these times being able to self define and feel confident and present in the words that describe is quite literally often life.
  • Juno Mac, author of REVOLTING PROSTITUTES; The Fight For Sex Workers' Rights

    Holleb deftly transforms vast areas of community knowledge into something compact and accessible enough to leave out on the family's kitchen table in the wake of coming-out conversations. At once an authoritative and yet highly readable book, it covered all bases and uncovered questions I didn't yet know I needed to ask. This book will be immensely useful to the queer community.
  • Helen Hester, Associate Professor of Media and Communication, University of West London

    Holleb has produced a lucid, accessible, and engaging snapshot of the ever-evolving terminology used to navigate gender, sexuality, and the shifting relationships between them. This is a book attentive to the power of language, and one which uses words with thoughtfulness and care. It represents a substantial achievement, and looks set to become an invaluable reference text for our time.