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The Asperkid's Not-Your-Average-Coloring-Book

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Gathering the artistic talents of Asperkids and artists from around the world, as well as her own original artwork, Jennifer O'Toole has created a one-of-a-kind coloring book that's educational, fun and above all a celebration of difference!

We all know that children with Asperger syndrome are far more likely to learn and enjoy themselves when their special interests are involved, and the color-in drawings in this book cover a wide range of subjects that Aspies love. We're talking mythology, atomic structures, nature, historical fashions, and more! Full of cool art, geeky humor, and inspirational quotations, this is a coloring book for all ages that celebrates the unapologetic awesomeness of Asperkids.

A proportion of the proceeds will go towards supporting arts programs for children on the autism spectrum.
  • Published: Aug 28 2013
  • Pages: 64
  • 273 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781849059589
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Press Reviews

  • Midwest Book Review

    The author has Asperger's syndrome, is married to someone with Asperger's, and has three children with Asperger's Syndrome... The quality of artwork is truly exceptional in this unusual educational coloring book.
  • Lars Perner, PhD, Chair of the Autism Society's Panel of People on the Spectrum of Autism Advisors

    There is clear evidence that working with special interests provides the best learning opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum. Jennifer O'Toole introduces a number of “geeky” topics with coloring opportunities. What is more, the introductions put many topics in an entirely new light, potentially creating angles of interest to what may so far have been dreaded subjects. My favorite introduction starts out “REAL math isn't silly worksheets or meaningless formulae. And it is most definitely NOT the boring creation of some evil schoolteacher. REAL math is how fast starlight travels and the chirping of crickets....”. For individuals who have difficulty relating to abstract ideas, this commentary sets a great stage. Highly recommended!
  • Carol Povey, Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society, UK

    This is a wonderful and inspirational book which will appeal to youngsters on the spectrum by engaging their interests and passions. It is quirky, fun and creative, and will appeal to those for whom these are traits to be valued and nourished. Created by and for people on the spectrum, it celebrates individuality, different ways of thinking, and will appeal to all those "Asperkids" who find most children's books just plain boring. This is a powerful tool to reinforce and boost the confidence of children on the spectrum, in the guise of a children's colouring book.
  • Paul Isaacs, autistic speaker, trainer, consultant and author

    Jennifer O'Toole delivers in this highly imaginative and educational book a new format of fun for children on the autism spectrum. This book goes through the subjects in a fluid, direct and creative manner which will connect with readers (and drawers) in ways which tap into the autistic way of learning. As a non-verbal child, I was (and still am) a highly kinaesthetic thinker and learner. This would have been a fascinating book to encounter with its clipped and concise paragraphs and shapes, and I would have been able to connect with the visuals through using colours (I know colours through touch association) and "feeling" the subjects and then connecting them with the words in a way that I felt comfortable with. This is a truly magical book for all different sorts of autistic learners.
  • Dena Gassner, MSW, Advisory Board Member, Autism Society of America

    Jennifer O'Toole is energy incarnate! Her coloring book project's construction included collaborative input from the kids themselves in submitting art and colors. All of her work - this one included - floats even the loneliest child living with AS into a world of community and light. Way to go!
  • Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

    I really like Jennifer's idea of using special interests to encourage spectrum kids to try new things. By including topics that they already like, Jennifer also shows young people the potential career value of their natural talents.