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Targeting the Positive with Behaviours that Challenge

Empathic Strategies for Working with Children and Adults
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Unravel the complexities of effectively managing behaviours that challenge through the 6-stage Target model. The 6 stages offer an empowering tool kit that builds upon positive skills and abilities when working with individuals under some form of supervision or care. This includes children in home, care or school environments, and adults that need support related to mental health disorders, autism, learning disabilities or dementia.

With a focus on:
· Identifying behaviours
· Understanding and empathising
· Pro-active planning
· Recognizing escalation
· Responding appropriately
· Learning from incidents

The chapters provide significant information about why difficult situations arise and understanding people. A person-centred approach increases competency, confidence, resilience, and empathy so that caregivers feel more assured and settled about what they do. These effective methods build trusting relationships, teach new skills, and de-escalate situations safely, improving outcomes for both those who give support and those who receive it.
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 432
  • ISBN: 9781839979002
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Press Reviews

  • Yaf Yafai, Fostering Manager

    Andy Baker has written an informed must- read 'guide' based upon his wealth of experience, studying and knowledge. Such commitment and dedication to helping, supporting and educating others needs to be commended. The book is complimented with case studies which provide a deeper understanding and application of the theory. Not only will reading this book enable the reader to gain a richer understanding of the holistic benefits of managing behaviour, it will also provide an opportunity for the process of self-reflection of the readers own behaviour and/or anxieties which impact upon their ability to effectively and empathically understand the complexities of human behaviour. Read this book and embrace the possibility that empathy can build bridges across differences and create a more compassionate world.
  • Rebecca Sanderson, Deputy Manager, GBA Care

    This book is a true representation to Andy's teachings, it captures the perspective of those receiving care but also encourages care-givers to address their own beliefs and perspectives to endorse more harmony to those receiving and providing care. This would be an innovative tool for any care giver in any setting and is a must read for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding. The case studies are very insightful, I love the concept of 'management not change is the aim' and that 'challenging behaviour' is referred to as 'behaviour that challenges', adapting to these teachings has enabled care givers to provide a more person-centred approach allowing us to achieve better outcomes.
  • William Inkson, Security Manager and Conflict Resolution Training Lead

    We have used Andys' training and the TARGET model for several years now and it has been transformative for our staff. The focus on understanding, empathy and the needs of the individual has consistently helped us to achieve better outcomes for our patients and everyone involved.
  • David Speck RN, QIS, BSc (Hons), PGCert

    Andy has drawn on a variety of personal and professional experiences to create a fascinating guide to understanding behaviour and its impact. A must read for the professionally curious.
  • Tracy Thacker, Registered Manager, GBA Care

    The book is informative in an easy to understand way. Andy has drawn on his own negative life experience to turn this into a positive rather than a negative.
  • Phil Hardy, Director, Securicare International Ltd

    A very in-depth and comprehensive resource for anyone with an interest in understanding and managing human behaviour. In particular those working in environments with people who have complex behavioural needs.
  • Nadine Sutton, Training and Development Partner, Able Training

    This book is the perfect guide for anyone supporting and caring for individuals within the health and social care sector/setting - whether that be carers in a care home, teachers, or parents. Andy's approach on how we as caregivers can promote positive behaviour within our settings is invaluable and empowering. The strategies and techniques he promotes in the book on how to help manage distressed behaviours for people living with dementia are easy to understand and use, therefore making the book accessible for everyone providing care. Andy uses empathy throughout the book as the underpin for supporting anyone whose needs are different. I am looking forward to using the book within my own training and delivery sector. It really has helped me form a better understanding of how we can support people to live as well as possible. This book will really give caregivers the confidence and knowledge to better support our individuals, all through empathy and understanding.