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Tackling Child Neglect

Research, Policy and Evidence-Based Practice
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With contributions from internationally recognized experts, this edited volume presents original thinking on the theory, research and practice surrounding child neglect.

Comprehensive and current, the book takes an expansive look at how we can better address this prevalent issue. It explores the effects of neglect on the developing child and makes recommendations on how to identify neglect at the earliest opportunity. It considers common causal and contributing factors in neglect cases and the impact of these on children. The book details effective intervention techniques alongside case vignettes and shows how change can be achieved. It highlights the importance of supporting parental care and developing parental responsibility in families where children are neglected. Chapters provide in-depth descriptive examples and include a summary of learning points.

Including practical suggestions for combating child neglect, this is an essential guide to best practice for students and practitioners working with children and families. The book also contains useful insights relevant to researchers and policy makers.
  • Published: Aug 18 2016
  • Pages: 368
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849056625
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Eileen Munro

    Tackling child neglect is becoming a prominent political concern as its damaging lifelong effects are better evidenced, so this is a very timely book. It offers a comprehensive look at child neglect so there is something for everyone wanting to learn more about this topic. It covers the latest understanding of the incidence, causes and harmfulness of neglect, and it reports on several promising ways of tackling it. A valuable addition to the literature.
  • From the foreword by David Howe

    In this excellent book, Ruth Gardner has brought together a number of leading international experts in the business of recognising and understanding, assessing and dealing with neglect. We hear of the latest research on what causes and sustains neglect. We are introduced to some imaginative and engaging ways of assessing neglect that actively and therapeutically involve the parents themselves... This is a book full of sound thinking and original ideas. I defy anyone who reads this compilation not to come away feeling even more inspired, enthused and yes, even optimistic as they work with both the parents who neglect and the children who are neglected.
  • Claire Richards, National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse and Chair of BASPCAN

    Tackling Child Neglect is an excellent and thought provoking book which critically re-examines the importance of neglect and its pernicious effect on the well-being and welfare of children and young people. The book comprises three main sections as authors present renewed and challenging commentary for the multi-professional audience in revisiting our understandings of neglect, various perspectives of neglect and international approaches on prevention. There are many salutary messages including a reminder of the significance of the chronic, negative impact of the lack of emotional availability of the child's care giver. The voices of children and young people are amplified in their understandings and experiences of neglect and this important focus should inform further research and improve practice in prevention and early help for children and their families.