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Surviving Post-Natal Depression

At Home, No One Hears You Scream
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Research indicates that at least one in ten new mothers experience post-natal depression, yet there is little help available to sufferers. Cara Aiken's book will help them, and the professionals who work with them, to understand this illness. The book tells the stories of ten women from very different backgrounds - including the author - who have suffered post-natal depression. Their stories, told honestly and informally, will be a source of strength and hope for other sufferers. The book will also raise awareness of the illness and the destructive effect it can have on individuals and families. It offers positive suggestions and practical advice, based on personal and professional experience. It is a fresh, honest and positive book which will help professionals to understand post-natal depression and will be an invaluable resource for the many mothers who experience it.
  • Published: Jun 16 2000
  • Pages: 176
  • 233 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781853028618
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Press Reviews

  • Family Matters

    `The author of this collection herself suffered from post-natal depression, and it was her own experiences that led her to put together this collection of stories. Ten women (including the author) have related their personal stories of how post-natal depression affected their own and their families lives. A further chapter is devoted to discussions with some of the partners of the women who contributed their stories to the book. This book would make insightful reading for professionals who work with sufferers of post-natal depression as well as anyone who has experienced it.'
  • Church Times

    `Cara Aiken was one of the one in ten new mothers who have to cope with Surviving Post Natal Depression. She tells her own and other stories, and offers suggestions and advice based on personal and professional experience.'
  • Cheryll Adams - Professional office/research and practice development

    `This book tells the stories of 10 women who have all suffered from postnatal depression (PND). The women draw on their personal experiences to offer practical advice. This approach offers real insight into the disease and its ramifications for the whole family… I recommend this book to anyone with a professional or personal interest in this debilitating disease.'
  • European Journal of Psychiatry

    `This is a very useful book, written in a clear, easy to follow style, making it advisable both for doctors and all those working in general medicine, to obstetricians and, of course, midwives.'
  • Pendulum

    `I found these stories very moving and enthralling in the way they painted the full horror and dreariness of depression. Consideration is also given to the plight of new fathers who sometimes suffer depression either from the effect of coping with depression in their partner or independently. There are contributions from a psychiatrist, a health visitor and the founder of the Association for Post-Natal Illness. These explain the full range of problems that fall under the umbrella term "post-natal depression" and that treatment needs to be geared to the particular problems of the patient. Finally there is an attempt to draw the threads together and give advice and hope to others.'