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Supporting Staff Mental Health in Your School

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This is an accessible guide for schools explaining how to implement effective techniques to improve staff mental health. Drawing on case studies from years of experience supporting staff mental health, Amy Sayer introduces inexpensive, practical and realistic strategies that schools can implement to ensure the mental wellbeing of teaching staff.

This book provides steps to ensure that self-care and family time do not slip under the radar in the face of increasing pressure and limited resources. From providing adequate staff room facilities to ensuring that teachers can set clear boundaries around weekends and break times, these ideas create and foster a culture of openness around mental health and help teachers to re-discover their love of teaching.
  • Published: Dec 21 2020
  • Pages: 160
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787754638
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Press Reviews

  • James Grocott, Deputy Headteacher, Wood Ley Primary School, Suffolk

    We all know the stresses and strains that the teaching profession brings but are we always aware of the impact these have on our staff? This excellent book is a 'must' read for all senior leaders in schools! It really makes you think carefully about the mental health of your staff and how you can make a difference and support them. Caring and supporting underpins what schools do for their students each and every day and this book emphasizes the importance of making sure that we make 'caring' and 'supporting' the top of our 'to do' list with our staff too!
  • Clare Erasmus author of The Mental Health and Wellbeing Handbook for Schools: Transforming Mental Health Support on a Budget

    Amy Sayer's book is a MUST read. It is a perfect handbook for understanding mental health in our profession supported by irrefutable statistics plus it includes a thorough breakdown of the warning signs and practical advice and case studies. It will be a gift for all school senior and middle leaders to help them build the right culture and retain their staff. Having been a Designated mental health lead (DMHL) for the last 5 years, I can guarantee her advice is relevant and it really does work in supporting staff mental health and wellbeing.
  • Jill Berry, former head, now leadership consultant and education commentator

    This book focuses on prevention, suggesting 'protective factors' to safeguard the positive mental health of educators. The author's credibility is secured through her openness and honesty, combined with extensive reading and research. The balance of factual guidance (including useful contacts), practical advice, specific examples and case studies ensures the reader finishes the book better informed and more aware, reassured and committed to talking more openly about mental health in order to protect themselves and to support others.
  • Dr Emma Kell, teacher, speaker, writer, trainer of new teachers

    Most of us understand the 'what' of teacher wellbeing but struggle amidst the hubbub of school life to understand the how. This is where this book comes in - Amy gives us infinitely practicable and non-intimidating ways of broaching MH in schools, which has for far too long been a taboo, at a time when this is more needed than ever. I cannot think of a book that is more urgently needed in teaching at the moment. This is an essential read and there should be a copy in every school for regular consultation. The research has breadth, depth and above all, true integrity. The book is also infinitely practical and solution focused. The concrete case studies and practical examples of how to use space, time and language proactively and sensitively to support one another and create a positive school those with open dialogues around mental health make this book utterly invaluable and I will be recommending it to all school leaders and staff I work with.