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Supporting Fat Birth

A Book for Birth Professionals and Parents
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This pioneering guide provides birth professionals, pregnant people, and advocates with comprehensive insight into navigating conception, pregnancy, birth, and the perinatal period whilst fat. Drawing on the author's decade of experience as well as evidence-based research and case studies from people sharing their own perspectives and stories, this authoritative and compassionate book provides practical and effective advice on how to improve quality of care for fat parents. It covers a wide range of topics across the birth journey and beyond including interviews with a number of high-profile people including Nicola Salmon and Amber Marshall and empowers readers to feel reassured and confident in their choices and rights. This ground-breaking resource challenges the pervasive bias against fat service users in the birthing world and acts as a call to action to dismantle the fatphobic stigma present in our healthcare systems in order to create an environment that is inclusive of all bodies.
  • Published: Mar 21 2024
  • Pages: 224
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839976339
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Press Reviews

  • Siobhan Miller, Founder of The Positive Birth Company and author of Hypnobirthing: Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better

    Another invaluable read from AJ Silver, on a subject very close to my heart; making birth better for every body. This educational and thought-provoking guide will help you understand and unpack your own bias on bigger bodies and ultimately provide better informed and safer antenatal care for people of all shapes and sizes. An essential read for all birth workers.
  • Emma Pickett, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and author of Supporting Breastfeeding Past the First Six Months and Beyond, and Supporting the Transition from Breastfeeding

    How do we get this book into the hands of the vast majority of healthcare professionals and medical students who have fat bias? It needs to be on reading lists, put in lockers, left by coffee machines and assigned as CPD. We need people to pay attention. Everyone who reads this book has a duty to pass its message on. AJ's honest, challenging and important book is for parents too. They will feel heard and they will feel inspired. This is a book with some terrible stories but also, partly through humour and totally justified wonderful swearing, a positive book that leaves you feeling energised.
  • Alicia Burnett, Midwife and Founder of Black Baby Loss Awareness Week

    A stirring and honest must-read text for fat folks everywhere and the professionals supporting them through conception, pregnancy, birth and the perinatal period. Silver's signature wit and matter of fact tone is authentic and authoritative ("BMI is bullshit" - hear, hear!), but my favourite thing about this book is their inclusion of diverse perspectives and service user experiences. Get this book, buy a copy for a friend and donate one to your local maternity service!