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Something Different About Dad

How to Live with Your Amazing Asperger Parent
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There's something different about Dad. He gets upset when we're even a minute late for dinner, he is angry at noisy family gatherings, and he really likes talking about buses. He is also always on time to pick us up from school, helps with our homework for hours on end, and has a detailed knowledge of car engines that has saved day trips from breakdown disaster. It's ok that there's something different about Dad!

Following the story of Sophie and Daniel whose Dad, Mark, is on the autism spectrum, this heart-warming comic reveals the family's journey from initial diagnosis to gradual appreciation of Dad's differences. The family learn the reasons behind Dad's difficulties with communication, the senses, flexibility, and relationships, and find ways to make family life easier for everyone. It is an informative, light-hearted and reassuring look at growing up with a parent on the autism spectrum.
  • Published: Jul 21 2016
  • Pages: 152
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920127
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Press Reviews

  • Ian Williams, author of ‘The Bad Doctor’ and founder of

    I really like this book: a compelling tale about living with a parent with Asperger's which manages to impart a lot of valuable information. Kirsti Evans' entertaining narrative pulls the reader along effortlessly, while John Swogger's clear full-colour graphics are sure to appeal. The characters are well defined and believable and the action rings true. It can be a challenge to make educational works engaging, but this book really nails it.
  • MK Czerwiec, a.k.a. Comic Nurse and co-manager of

    Something Different About Dad is an excellent resource for families impacted by Asperger Syndrome. The authors serve as guides through the daily dilemmas that may emerge. They use an effective combination of image and text to explain terminology in concrete, useable ways. The book provides a non-judgmental categorization of differences in AS - how they may be manifested and managed while caring for all parties involved. The book also effectively addresses misinformation that one might encounter, making it a one-stop reference in this area. Most effective is the section in which a big family event that goes awry is deconstructed to help generate understanding. This book helpfully encourages concrete self-care for all parties while also promoting online safety. A bonus shout out to the power of comics in health information is greatly appreciated! Something Different About Dad is a fantastic resource for anyone and everyone impacted by Asperger Syndrome.
  • Youth in Mind
    There are very few book currently available aimed at children with an autistic parent. This book contains some useful tips, aimed at enabling families with an autistic adult to better understand and help each other.