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Social Work and Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence-based practice - what it might mean, how it can be achieved, whether it should be aspired to - is the subject of much debate and argument in social work. Covering areas of social work practice that are well established and those in which evidence is just beginning to become available, the authors address issues such as:

* What is to count as evidence, and who decides this?

* If relevant evidence is agreed on, how should it be used in practice?

* How can the thing that made the difference be identified?

* Does success result from the theory employed by the worker, or because the worker is skilled, conscientious and effective?

* How predictable, controlled and orderly can social work become?

Exploring these issues within a range of contexts - from child abuse and domestic violence to looked after children and disability - the authors demonstrate why evidence-based practice is important, but also why it is important to think clearly and carefully about its implications for the social work profession and the users of social work services. Social Work and Evidence-Based Practice will enable practitioners, managers and policy makers to deepen and coordinate their understanding of the key themes in evidence-based practice.
  • Published: Mar 15 2004
  • Pages: 192
  • 233 x 159mm
  • ISBN: 9781843101567
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Press Reviews

  • Family Court Journal

    This book and its focus on many of the issues and dilemmas surrounding evidence-based social work therefore provides the practitioner with a timely insight into an increasingly important area within social work. Whilst this book provides some understanding of the many aspects of "getting and using evidence that can helpfully inform practice", it also highlights some of the many issues and debates associated with a greater use of evidence-based practice in social work... Whilst this book illustrates the potential advantages to social work of using evidence-based practice it also provides a useful insight into the various issues and dilemmas associated with it... This is an important book that should be part of any practitioner's reading list within CAFCASS.