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Sexuality and Relationships in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Drawing extensively on personal experiences, this important volume looks at sexuality and relationships in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, painting a genuine picture of the range of sexualities and relationships people want.

Honest and reflective, it shows how sexuality has been managed and controlled in different countries. It explores a range of issues such as rights, resilience, protection, sexual oppression and the lack of privacy for those living in care institutions. Co-edited and with contributions by people with intellectual disabilities and allies, this unique book offers an authentic account of the challenges people face and what society needs to do to respect people's rights.

Providing insight into a morally, ethically and legally complex area, this book will be essential reading for people with intellectual disabilities, their advocates, families and supporters; social care managers, social workers, and other professionals working in the field as well as academic researchers and students.
  • Published: Oct 21 2014
  • Pages: 320
  • 245 x 174mm
  • ISBN: 9781849052504
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Press Reviews

  • Dan Goodley, Professor of Disability Studies and Education, the University of Sheffield, England

    This important book brings together contributors from across the world to remind us of the desires of, and the restrictions placed upon, the sexual lives of people with the label of intellectual disabilities. Combining an accessible writing style, with shared contributions from activists and academics, this text centralises sex and sexuality at the heart of a politics of intellectual disability.
  • Andrew Holeman, Director of Inspired Services Publishing Ltd

    Community Living
    (The authors) use people's stories and experiences, researching into the thoughts and memories of people who use services as well as the staff who worked with them. This gives us a useful and very readable historical perspective... They repeatedly highlight the issue of protection and safety verses rights to a sex life and how difficult it is to enshrine both in any law...the issues of equality and diversity are naturally included... People's stories from around the world also remind us of the role religion has to play in this, from influencing laws and policy to restrictions in sex education.