Recording Skills in Safeguarding Adults

Best Practice and Evidential Requirements

Recording Skills in Safeguarding Adults is the comprehensive guide to keeping accurate, effective and complete records in safeguarding adults work.

This book explains why good record-keeping is essential: it covers crucial skills in recording, including how to write effectively; evidential requirements when writing statements and reports for court; and minute-taking. The book includes best practice points, exercises and examples of good recording. Each chapter also features informative, anecdotal experiences and comments from experts in safeguarding adults work, including police and lawyers, on what is needed in written records and how to present evidence clearly and persuasively.

This book is essential reading for all safeguarding adults practitioners who are required to keep records, including social workers, probation officers, nurses, support workers, residential and day care staff, volunteers and advocates.
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Caring Times

I found much in this book to challenge current established practice in record keeping. There is a refreshing rigour and clarity of thought that will help the reader with much more than safeguarding.

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