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Ready Eddie Go! Dressing Up

Playing pretend and trying new ideas!
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Developed from the Ready, Eddie, Go! animated TV show, each book in this series highlights an area that autistic children find challenging and provides gentle and supportive strategies to help children find ways of coping, which all children can benefit from. The books use clear structure as well as visuals to help readers understand the story and identify strategies that may help when they face similar experiences.

In this book, Eddie plays dressing up with his friends, and learns that pretending can be fun rather than scary!

Beautifully illustrated, and presented in Eddie's trademark friendly voice, the Ready, Eddie, Go! series is designed to speak directly to young autistic children and to provide them with the reassurance and advice they need to be happy day-to-day.
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 48
  • ISBN: 9781805013334
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Press Reviews

  • Niamh Garvey, autistic author of the children's book "Being Autistic (and what that actually means)".

    This gorgeous book introduces what it means to get "dressed up" in a way that would help any child feel both safe and excited. It explores both the fun side of dressing up (e.g. creating your own outfit or choosing a ready-made outfit), whilst also giving tips to manage any challenges that might crop up (e.g. scratchy tags and changing your mind). This book is another gem in beautifully presented neuro-affirming book series "Ready Eddie Go!"
  • Dr Claire Prosser, Educational Psychologist and Clinical Advisor for the Ready Eddie GO! television series

    Ready Eddie GO! Dressing Up shares Eddie's experience of dressing up with Akil and Nina. It notes Eddie's sensory preferences, the difficulty he experiences when planning about what to wear, and his understanding of the differences in appearance of his friends. The book offers helpful opportunities for the reader to learn about their own experiences through activities dotted throughout the book.