Practical Supervision for Counsellors Who Work with Young People

Counsellors working with young people often find it can feel like messy, complex work. What helps when counsellors themselves are stuck? This book recalls those moments when supervision sessions have been crucial to puzzling out the complexities of counselling young people.

The assorted supervision stories in this book explore the important issues that counsellors working with young people face, and look at how supervision can help them overcome these issues. Thoughtful and engaging, each story is a snapshot from a counsellor's career. They address questions such as 'What gets talked about?', 'What issues recur with young people and how are they addressed in supervision?' and 'What helps counsellors to move on when they're stuck?'

As a veteran counsellor and supervisor with 40 years' experience, Nick Luxmoore vividly recounts moments of highs and lows, of uncertainties and of breakthroughs, and of the unique dilemmas experienced by counsellors and supervisors working with young people.
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Press reviews for: Practical Supervision for Counsellors Who Work with Young People

Jonathan Wyatt, Senior Lecturer, The University of Edinburgh

Nick Luxmoore's latest book is as smart, sharp and accessible as ever. In Practical Supervision, he takes us to the heart of those frequently complex, sometimes painful, dilemmas that arise in supervision, bringing them alive through compelling stories and well-placed, light-touch theoretical insights. Invaluable.

Alistair Ross, Associate Professor - Psychotherapy, Oxford University

Nick Luxmoore is very good at telling stories. You can imagine yourself sitting in the room, feeling, agonising, laughing or crying - touched by the lives of so many young people and their counsellors. Nick makes supervision come alive for the benefit of all who will read this engaging book.

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