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Perry Panda

A Story about Parental Depression
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"Perry, you're not naughty
and you've not upset your mum.
It's not your fault
- it's never your fault -
that your mummy feels this glum."

Perry is worried about his mum. He speaks with his grandma, who explains how his mum is feeling and offers reassurance. She makes it clear that Perry is not to blame and talks about some of the things that might help his mum feel better.

Perry Panda is a story designed to help young children understand a parent or carer's depression. With simple rhymes and bright illustrations, it explains behaviours that may seem unusual to the child and reassures them that it is not their fault.
  • Published: Nov 21 2017
  • Pages: 32
  • 265 x 195mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924125
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Press Reviews

  • Fern Britton, TV presenter and author, with experience of post-natal depression

    An excellent book to blow away taboo. I wish I had had this book!
  • Rachaele Hambleton, Part-Time Working Mummy (

    Being a parent can be tough and I get so many messages from parents who are struggling away in silence. Quite often they are also struggling with their mental health. Depression is now so evident in our society and I think Perry Panda plays a vital role in explaining it to children. This little story was heartwarming and brought me to tears. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to publish.
  • Rosey Adams, founder of PND and Me

    Perry Panda is a much needed resource explaining depression to children who need reassurance that it isn't their fault. It describes in a beautifully simple but effective way what mum could be going through. I highly recommend it for mums, families and professionals as a conversation starter on the subject depression for young children.
  • Dr Lucy Willetts, Clinical Psychologist

    This book simply and sensitively explains parental depression to young children using rhyme and pictures. It is a book that will be an invaluable resource to both parents and professionals.
  • Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn, Mental Health Campaigners

    Perry Panda is a wonderful and astute book for young children, providing them with reassurance and advice if a parent is struggling with depression. Sometimes a hug and a smile are just what is needed -- these a child can freely give.