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Parties, Dorms and Social Norms

A Crash Course in Safe Living for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum
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The late teens and twenties are exciting times, but filled with potential pitfalls as young people navigate the transition into independent adult life.

This handbook is filled with the information that young people with ASD say they want (and need) to know about alcohol and drugs, social media and online safety, relationship types and boundaries, safe sex, stress and emotional health, and independent living. It includes real life examples, coping strategies and practical tips to help young adults with ASD stay safe while living life to the full.

Informal and frank, this will be a go-to guide for young people on the autism spectrum.
  • Published: Mar 21 2016
  • Pages: 288
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781849057462
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Press Reviews

  • from the foreword by Jane Thierfeld-Brown, Ed.D, Director, College Autism Spectrum, and Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale Child Study, Yale University

    The authors are respectful and informative in explaining concepts that may be socially confusing and cloaked in non-verbal cues for young adults on the spectrum. This manual fills a gap in resources and, for that, we parents and young adults on the spectrum are grateful.
  • from the foreword by Aaron Schatzman, young adult with ASD

    Sensitive and hard to discuss issues (often glossed over for individuals with ASD) such as dating, measuring the stages of relationships, sex, and drinking are covered frankly, bluntly, and thoroughly. While of the utmost importance to everyone, these tough discussions affect young adults on the spectrum differently, often times due to the awkwardness of the topic, and the social faux pas that happen during everyday spectrum living.