Parenting Teenagers

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Parenting Teenagers is invaluable for parents or for anyone filling the parenting role - temporarily or permanently. Bob Myers makes complex theory simple, and explains how to make, maintain, repair and strengthen relationships with teenagers. He encourages adults to take control of the parenting situation by taking control of their own actions and reactions. He seeks to remove conflict from parent-child relationships and identifies the traps that block good communication.

Parents, teachers, residential youth workers, social workers, and probation officers will find much in the book to support them in the often difficult task of getting children ready for life as responsible adults.

Based on more than twenty years' experience, this very level-headed text is intended for all who have to deal with the needs of adolescents. There are no quick-fix solutions here but rather an examination of often complex relationships. Strategies are developed for problem solving and helping the teenager build self-esteem, responsibility and independence while at the same time keeping the carer's sanity. In a friendly, supportive voice and while not minimising difficulties, Myers recommends that patience and perseverance in applying them will gain the desired results in the end.
  • Published: Jul 01 1995
  • Pages: 152
  • 213 x 180mm
  • ISBN: 9781853023668
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Press Reviews

  • Educational Psychology in Practice

    Myers writes accessibly without condescension, increasing the intelligibility and impact of the text by assiduous use of numbered or bulleted points and succinct chapter summaries. The chapters present a depth of theoretical understanding of adolescence and the parent-child relationship and of misbehaviour and consequences. These are sensibly interwoven with practical chapters on being assertive, on communicating with teenagers, on helping teenagers make adult decisions and on letting go of teenagers, enriched by a wealth of examples and enlivened by the occasional wry cartoon. This book contains sound advice from an experienced professional, presented in an accessible, entertaining and, above all, optimistic style. I would not hesitate to recommend it to a concerned parent or to draw from it in my own work with parents (or indeed as a parent).
  • Young Minds Magazine

    This hands-on guide to coping with teenage behaviour, is a friendly, useful book for concerned parents. It contains helpful examples of problems, and actual, concrete advice on what parents can do or say when they occur. Myers offers a supportive and sensible voice to parents, and suggests that patient use of the right strategies will bring positive results in the end.
  • Irish Social Worker

    A most enjoyable read. Thankfully, it is not aimed at your 2.3 kids nuclear family but it is also inclusive of separated families, single parents, residential workers, social workers etc. There is something for everyone in this book. This is a book I will use in my work with parents and carers alike.
  • Talk: Magazine of the National Deaf Children's Society

    An easy to read, practical guide to parenting teenagers. It covers a number of areas including communication, the move from teenager to adulthood, "letting go of your teenager", explanations for teenager misbehaviour with practical suggestions on how to cope with it, and how the parent teenager relationship can be strengthened. The book discusses the physical, emotional and psychological changes experienced at adolescence, and how parental skills can be adapted to cope with these changes.
  • DECP Newsletter

    It was again reassuring to read that many of the more disturbing phases of the teens are not unusual, just maddening... I am sure that I will draw on the ideas I have read in my professional conversations with parents and young people.
  • Child Language Teaching and Therapy

    This book has some good ideas which could form the basis of useful discussion between between parents about bringing up teenagers.
  • Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

    An up-to-date reference book.