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Music Therapy with Families

Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives
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This comprehensive book describes well-defined models of music therapy for working with families in different clinical areas, ranging from families with special needs children or dying family members through to families in psychiatric or paediatric hospital settings.

International contributors explain the theoretical background and practice of their specific approach, including an overview of research and illustrative case examples. Particular emphasis is placed on connecting theory and clinical practice and on discussing the challenges and relevance of each model. This practical and theoretically anchored book will prove valuable for music therapists, students and researchers in the fast developing field of music therapy with families.
  • Published: Sep 21 2016
  • Pages: 344
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849056304
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Gro Trondalen, Norwegian Academy of Music

    Music Therapy with Families is a timely and altogether important book. The reader will gain a profound knowledge of different music therapy approaches with families within a variety of contexts. The authors offer vital examples including live music making and music listening as a resource and potential for joy, growth, and a healthy life. Music Therapy with Families is an inspiring and highly recommended volume.
  • Claire Flower, music therapist and co-editor of 'Music Therapy with Children and their Families'

    This book is a timely addition to a rapidly developing and complex field of practice. Jacobsen and Thompson present a diversity of voices and approaches, skilfully weaving them into a cohesive whole. Whether dipping a first toe into the waters of working with families, or already fully immersed, there is a wealth of accessible material here which will be invaluable in stimulating the reader's understanding of music therapy thinking and practice around the world.
  • Emeritus Professor Denise Grocke, PhD, AO., The University of Melbourne, Australia

    The editors of this volume are two internationally respected music therapy educators and clinicians who have long advocated for music therapy in strengthening communication within family units. They have assembled an impressive list of international authors who outline their work with vulnerable children, young people and adults, from neonatal care to persons with dementia and in palliative care. The chapters ably describe music therapy practices that are resource-oriented, empowering and participatory, and backed by evidence. It is an essential book for students and practitioners alike.