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Moral Injury Reconciliation

A Practitioner's Guide for Treating Moral Injury, PTSD, Grief, and Military Sexual Trauma through Spiritual Formation Strategies
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Created to counteract the spiritual imbalance that MI can cause, the Moral Injury Reconciliation (MIR) methodology is a 9-week, 3-phased spiritual care treatment, for Veteran and family transformation. This book presents this methodology as a trans-diagnostic approach for practitioners working with clients with MI, PTSD, grief and military sexual trauma.

Using the language of reconciliation and spiritual transformation in the context of working therapeutically with Veterans, the author shows how chaplains and others involved in spiritual care can work on the assessment and therapy of those who have experienced MI during their combat experience. It reconciles past trauma, creates a focused 'here-and-now' present and anticipates a hopeful future through spiritual awareness, communication skills and altruism.
  • Published: Feb 21 2018
  • Pages: 224
  • 230 x 159mm
  • ISBN: 9781785927577
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Press Reviews

  • Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D., Lt. Colonel (USAR, Ret.) University of Maryland School of Public Health (Ret.) Resilience Training International (owner) and Author, U.S Military Academy, Class of 1969

    This critically important work recognizes that moral injuries are spiritual in nature and thus require spiritual interventions. It also recognizes the unique tools that chaplains with a sound understanding of military culture and mental health issues bring to the healing journey.Who can better speak to the spiritual aspects of moral injuries than a Navy SEAL and chaplain? An outstanding resource for chaplains and other spiritual care providers that will ultimately benefit our morally injured veterans and their families greatly.
  • Harold G. Koenig, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Associate Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina

    Moral Injury Reconciliation (MIR) transcends a 'symptom-focused' treatment orientation. Using a transdiagnostic approach featuring religious/spiritual foundations, MIR moves beyond single-diagnosis protocols. It addresses multiple diagnoses and targets the comorbidities found in active-duty and Veteran populations. MIR introduces a new paradigm in Veteran and mental healthcare.