Mental Health Assessments

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Written with the help of sufferers and carers to give an accurate `consumer's perspective' of how the mental health services react when a person becomes mentally ill, Mental Health Assessments focuses on the problems that can arise when someone undergoes a formal assessment for compulsory admission to hospital. Using case studies drawn from real life and selected by the sufferers and carers, the book examines what can go wrong with the assessment process - for example, if an inappropriate section is made, or if the opportunity for an assessment is missed. The author describes the implications of current mental health legislation, including examples of both good and bad practice. She argues that the system can be slow to respond, and that in some cases the law fails to protect both the patient and their families. The final chapter draws out key issues from the assessment process, and provides suggestions for improving the care of those with a serious mental illness.
  • Published: Sep 01 1998
  • Pages: 144
  • 215 x 140mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024580
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Press Reviews

  • Mental Health Nursing

    `I was pleased to have read it as it has given me an insight into mental health assesments which I may otherwise have overlooked…In my opinion it will make mental health professionals think hard about some of the decisions they make and assist nursing students in a better understanding of the people they are going to care for.'
  • British Journal Of Social Work

    `This is the second book in a series entitled Living with Mental Illness which is significant for being written, and on behalf of, a group of consumers of mental health services including both service users … defined here as suffers or survivors …and carers. For the social work audience it does not always make for comfortable reading, but the overall message deserves careful consideration at a time when mental health services are under the spotlight in terms of government policy, the review of the Mental Health Act 1983, and the development of National Service Frameworks. Each chapter of the book is constructed around a case study concerning one individual's experience of accessing mental health services. This is followed by comments from the author and an analysis and discussion of the issues from members of the LEAP (Living with the Experience Of Acute Psychosis) group. Each chapter concludes with a brief summary, relevant information such as details of legislation, and suggestions for discussion or a written excercise. This format works well and ensures that the content is accessible, clear and grounded in real-life experience. It also ensures that the book may be read by individuals, whether consumers or practioners, as well as being a resource for trainers. Notwithstanding these concerns, however, there is much in this book which would repay careful consideration, especially by Approved Social Workers and others involved in the care of people with serious mental illness. This book offers a relevant and stimulating contribution to the crucial issues involved in mental health assessment.'
  • Pendulum, newsletter of the Manic Depressive Fellowship

    `The format of the book is accessible and easy to read. The case studies are very realistic …It illustrates accurately the complexities and difficulties associated with working with people with long-term mental health problems … Overall, I would recommend this book as a good tool to stimulate discussion and debate. It is meant to be used in a training capacity and provides a good platform from which to assist health professionals, clients and carers alike to identify the issues and better work together in partnership.' - British Journal of Occupational Therapy `Another excellent book in the Living with Serious Mental Illness series. Deals with medication, carers' tales and mental health assessment.'
  • Newsletter of the Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain

    `This is a book which `has been waiting to be written'. How many people are frustrated by their inability to use the Mental Health Act 1983 and protect family members suffering from the effects of untreated or ineffectively treated schizophrenia. This book gives us knowledge and understanding of the act which in its turn gives us the confidence to use it, to quote from it, to make demands. The book uses real life case studies, discusses whether mental health assessments were used, and if used, adequately, or not. Comments are then made by members of a group the Leap Group -an Essex based pressure group of consumers. The relevant sections of the Mental Health Act are quoted and clarified and other information which might help is supplied. The book closes with recommendations as to how the system might be improved. There is a glossary of words and phrases which may be new to people first finding out about schizophrenia and a list of useful names and addresses.'
  • Making Space

    `There is much of relevance in the book to members of Making Space and to our staff. I liked the format because it enables people affected by these problems to identify with the case studies and so understand better the background to professional decisions. It is an excellent base for training. It should prove extremely useful for carers and is sympathetic to user concerns.'