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Mastering Communication in Social Work

From Understanding to Doing
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Communication skills are fundamental to effective social work practice.

Accessible and easy-to-read, Mastering Communication in Social Work is designed to help you develop these essential skills. It explores the basics of how communication works, the factors that influence how effectively you attend to and convey information, and how you can improve your communication. Particular attention is given to the challenges posed by difficult clients and the cultural dimensions of communication. Gast and Bailey put forward a reflective model for practice designed help you break bad habits and develop a wider repertoire of communication behaviours. Practice vignettes and exercises for the reader are included throughout.

This book is essential reading for social work students, practitioners, managers, practice teachers and assessors, and trainers, as well as those in allied professions.
  • Published: Jun 17 2014
  • Pages: 176
  • 228 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054447
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Press Reviews

  • Pamela Trevithick, Visiting Professor in Social Work, Buckinghamshire New University, UK

    I'm delighted to see a series that is accessible and that deals with the knowledge and skills needed to work creatively with the everyday concerns and complex issues encountered in direct social work practice. This series offers indispensable coverage of key issues.
  • Professor Gillian Ruch, Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Sussex.

    This engaging text provides qualifying and post qualifying social work students with an illuminating framework for developing and sustaining effective communication skills for social work practice.
  • Brian Littlechild, Professor of Social Work, School of Health and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire

    An invaluable resource for qualifying students and more experienced practitioners alike.