Life Behind Glass

A Personal Account of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Wendy Lawson has an autism spectrum disorder. Considered to be intellectually disabled and 'almost incapable of doing as she is told' at school, she was later misdiagnosed as schizophrenic - a label that stuck with her for more than 25 years.

Her sense of self was then non-existent, but Wendy is now a mother of four with two university degrees; she is a social worker and adult educator, and operates her own business. She is also a poet and a writer, sharing her understanding of autism with others to help 'build a bridge from my world to theirs'. Life Behind Glass is part of that bridge.
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The British Journal of Occupational Therapy

Wendy Lawson, the author of this book, was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and, because of this, the content is enriched with fascinating personal insights.

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