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Involving Senior Citizens in Group Music Therapy

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This practical guide to running music therapy groups with senior citizens provides effective strategies that encourage therapists to be creative and engaging, and involve participants fully in the music-making process.

Ideal for those working with older people in assisted living or nursing care homes, the book covers initial assessment, setting measurable goals, and evaluating progress; discusses current music therapy techniques; and offers an improved plan of intervention. The author explains how to choose or create music that is accessible to this age group, designing strategies that utilize cognitive, motor, social-emotional, and music skills to the fullest. The book provides useful original music and shows readers how to compose their own songs that relate to the experiences of the group they are working with, emphasizing shared common interests and enjoyment in the moment.
  • Published: Jan 15 2013
  • Pages: 144
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058964
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Press Reviews

  • Plus

    I am delighted to find a book which acknowledges that group music with older people can be much more than a sing-along. Anyone who has suspected this, but feels that they don't have enough musical training to set up therapeutic music groups, should be encouraged by reading it.
  • Caring Times

    As well as being fun, these are powerful means of communication at a deep emotional level.
  • Anita L. Gadberry, PhD, MT-BC, Director of Music Therapy, Marywood University, and Regional Liaison for North America, World Federation of Music Therapy

    As Pinson engages one in a lively discourse about therapeutic interactions with older persons, the reader is prompted with practical, step-by-step ways to facilitate meaningful music-making by seniors. This book delivers the what, when, where, why, and how all within the context of an animated conversation.
  • Johannes Gramich, Social Worker, Mental Heath Services for Older People, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

    Involving Senior Citizens in Group Music Therapy is a manual which gives detailed guidance on how to best engage with „senior citizens? in care homes... He uses a conversational style, quoting amusing anecdotes from his own experience at times, which makes light reading of most of this book He also gives examples of actual songs in the appendix... The songs themselves are engaging, rhythmically and melodically varied but also simple and it is easy to see that they would appeal to older people, indeed, to most people who like music.
  • Stuart Wood, Head of Music Therapist for the Barchester Nardoff Robbins Initiative

    British Journal of Music Therapy
    The author clearly has years of experience that have created his own personal stance on what is good musical work in this context, and his text demonstrates a confidence in how to do it... The strategies relate predominantly involvement in the larger structures of group singing... A very welcome second edition, or follow-up text, to this book might include much more specific musical guidance on the strategies and techniques of accompanying multiple group members... Pinson's book will be welcomed by many practitioners who seek guidance in doing this work a little more - dare I say it - joyfully.