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Introduction to the Psychology of Ageing for Non-Specialists

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Whether you provide care for older people, or you are simply interested in ageing, this complete primer on the psychology of ageing explains the key issues clearly and concisely. Beginning with explanations of ageing, life expectancy and demographics, it goes on to discuss the aspects of ageing that have the most impact on people's lives. From changes in intelligence and personality to mental health and sexuality, the author explains the psychology involved and focuses on the points that have most impact on people's lives. Drawing on the latest findings in the field, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject.

The book will be a key resource for anyone interested in what happens as we age, as well as social workers, care workers, nurses, medical professionals.
  • Published: Apr 21 2014
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849053631
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Paul Nash, Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University

    Prof Stuart-Hamilton has expertly crafted this easily accessible introduction to the psychology of ageing. His keen use of everyday terminology blends comprehensible prose with core concepts to open the field to interested novices seeking to expand their understanding or indeed enter into the world of psycho-gerontology. He addresses some of the main issues in the field with an equal and balanced evidence-based approach, no doubt an excellent entry level book for international bookshelves.
  • Peter G. Coleman, Emeritus Professor of Psychogerontology, University of Southampton, UK

    A knowledge of the psychology of ageing is crucial to understanding the implications for us all of living in an ageing society. This book admirably fulfils its aim of providing a lively introduction to the subject. Not only is the author an acknowledged expert on ageing, he also writes in a highly readable and memorable style.
  • CHOICE Magazine

    Stuart-Hamilton (developmental psychology, Univ. of Glamorgan, Wales) has written an accessible, user-friendly, and exceptionally helpful book. Despite the fact that aging is one of the only truisms in the world, family members are often left to their own devices in terms of understanding the aging of loved ones. A respected authority on the subject, Stuart-Hamilton is an excellent choice for crafting a book that demystifies and simplifies what is known about this topic from the psychological literature. He successfully challenges the layperson perception that aging is about large, systemic, and general declines in cognitive performance--change is broad and encompassing. For example, in discussing reaction time he looks at differences between "simple reaction time" and "choice reaction time," demonstrating that though age-related declines do occur, they are not necessarily as systemic or dramatic as general perceptions suggest. A valuable resource for those who work with family members of aging individuals, or are interested in exploring this subject. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readers.