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Integrative Approaches to Supervision

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As new techniques and approaches to supervision attract interest within therapy-related professions, the contributors to this informative book consider the nature of a supervision and examine the ways in which it can be further defined and developed. Drawing together practical and theoretical perspectives, Integrative Approaches to Supervision examines the contribution that supervision can make within both organisational and individual settings.

The book covers frameworks and models for supervision, supervision in clinical practice and issues within integrative supervision. Topics include: different models of the supervision practice; anti-oppressive practice; spirituality and supervision; counselling supervision in health care; supervision of organisations; self-protection for supervisors from complaints and litigation. Wide in scope but rich in detail, this book is essential reading for psychotherapists, counsellors, consultants and students involved in the supervision process.
  • Published: Mar 30 2001
  • Pages: 224
  • 230 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781853029660
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Press Reviews

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

    Mainly drawn from keynote addresses at BASPR ( the British Association for Supervision, Research and Practice ), this book presents some 20 contributors who explore the nature of supervision and its role within organisational and individual settings... The reader is left unable to avoid the challenges facing the supervisor who aspires both in their own right, and in the larger counselling field, for wider professional recognition. Recommended reading for all involved in the supervision and therapeutic processes.
  • Mediation Magazine

    This book, written by and for those working in therapy-related professions, is based on conference material presented to the 1999 British Association for Supervision Research and Practice ( BASPR ) Conference and thus many of the chapters have a friendly, informal style. ... the book allows you to read one or two chapters, discover new ideas and tools for your supervision "kitbag" , then go away and try them out. The advantage of this book is that you only have to decide which chapter you want to read first - you dont have to miss something else that in a conference setting might be happening at the same time.
  • British Association for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervision Newsletter

    This book is based on the "models and framework of Integrative Supervision" and the early chapters in this book explore issues such as, Narrative Approaches to Supervision, Supervision in and for Organisations and The Cyclical Model of Supervision: A Container for Creativity and Chaos from this perspective. What looks interesting however is the specific issues that some of the chapters focus on. For example:- Supervision in Primary Care, The Spirituality of Supervision, Supervision - Researching Therapeutic Practice, Which Sub-personality is Supervising Today. I haven't read this book but just flicking through the pages indicates that it has some interesting and useful input into thinking about supervision.