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Innovative Education and Training for Care Professionals

A Provider's Guide
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This positive book brings together current good practice in education and training for care professionals around a central theme of involving service users and improving the quality of their care.
The contributors set out a strategy for the teaching of theory and practice to care professionals in the context of changing policy and practice in agencies and in higher education. Helpful guidance is offered to education and training providers in universities and agencies on the preparation of care professionals for the new millenium and beyond. Topics addressed within the book include:

· international comparisons
· research teaching
· the bridging of vocational, professional and academic frameworks
· user involvement
· assessing professional competence
· teaching anti-discriminatory practice.

While drawing primarily from social work, this book takes an interprofessional approach and will be essential reading for all health and care education providers.
Rachel Pierce and Jenny Weinstein have brought together academics, researchers and practitioners, to reflect with them - both positively and critically - on a broad range of contemporary educational developments, thus providing a sound analysis to shape future arrangements for quality professional education and training.
  • Published: Dec 01 1999
  • Pages: 250
  • 234 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781853026133
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Press Reviews

  • Community Care

    This volume deals essentially with the current predicaments of social work education. Rachel Pierce, former assistant director of CCETSW, and always one of the most thoughtful and far-seeing of its officials, has teamed up with Jenny Weinstein to provide a brief but effective history of social work education's recent travails.
  • Journal of Interprofessional Care

    I know of no better introduction for teachers, whatever their profession.