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In Their Shoes

Navigating Non-Binary Life
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'Beautiful, heart-breaking and hilarious.' SCARLETT CURTIS
'A love-letter to our non-binary siblings.'
'Jamie is a pioneer' JUNO DAWSON

"There is no one way to be non-binary, and that's truthfully one of the best things about it. It's an identity that is yours to shape."

Combining light-hearted anecdotes with their own hard-won wisdom, Jamie Windust explores everything from fashion, dating, relationships and family, through to mental health, work and future key debates. From trying on clothes in secret to iconic looks, first dates to polyamorous liaisons, passports to pronouns, Jamie shows you how to navigate the world and your evolving identity in every type of situation.

Frank, funny, and brilliantly feisty, this must-read book is a call to arms for non-binary self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-celebration.
  • Published: Oct 21 2020
  • Pages: 208
  • 198 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781787752429
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Press Reviews

  • Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir (Owl), co-director of My Genderation

    It always makes me so happy to see queer people tell their stories unapologetically, because it breaks the stigma that being queer is something to be ashamed of. Jamie's book is thought-provoking, funny, poignant and endlessly queer, and I'm here for it.
  • Rhyannon Styles, Author of The New Girl and ELLE columnist

    In Their Shoes doesn't tiptoe over fairy dust with a dainty ballet slipper. Jamie's heels clatter over tiled floors - loud enough to know they're coming and loud enough to know they mean business.
  • Scarlett Curtis, writer, journalist, activist and curator of It's OK Not to Feel Blue and Feminists Don't Wear Pink

    In Their Shoes by Jamie Windust is a magical, beautiful, heartbreaking and often hilarious memoir that should be CRUCIAL READING for everyone living in our world today. Jamie is an extraordinary voice and person and their book is one of the best I've read in a very, very long time. Not only does Jamie powerfully address the challenges faced by trans people who are just trying to live, they also delicately map their life in an artful and revolutionary way. For Jamie, the personal is political and the political is personal and this book is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. If you do one thing this month - read this book!
  • Juno Dawson, columnist and author of Wonderland and The Gender Games

    This is a much-needed book about a much-misunderstood topic. Told with humour and humanity, Jamie is a pioneer.
  • Paula Akpan, journalist

    A vibrant and illuminating read from a truly exciting mind - In Their Shoes is a love letter to our non-binary siblings.
  • Forbes
    A frank and delightful read bringing together the real complexity, but also silliness and joy, of non-binary life.