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In and Out of Anorexia

The Story of the Client, the Therapist and the Process of Recovery
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Ayelet spent six years of her adolescence in and out of hospital, having been diagnosed as suffering from a severe anorexia disorder. She is now a special needs teacher. In the first part of this book Ayelet describes her personal experiences of the illness, the repeated hospitalisations and her ultimate recovery, illustrated with examples of her drawing and writing from when she was ill.

Tammie Ronen, her therapist, outlines the step-by-step progress of the therapy from the professional angle, describing in detail the decision-making and treatment considerations specific to Ayelet's life and context. She also includes comprehensive overviews of contemporary research into anorexia and of cognitive constructivist methods.

This interweaving of theory, practice and personal experience offers the reader unique insight into the reality of the illness and demonstrates the effectiveness of integrative and creative methods, and the central importance of a good relationship between the client and the therapist. The book is a rich source of inspiration and guidance for therapists and other professionals, as well as for people with eating disorders and their families.
  • Published: Jul 15 2001
  • Pages: 288
  • 226 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853029905
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Press Reviews

  • Young Minds

    `There are many good things here. We have an account of behavioural, cognitive and constructivist approaches to therapy, which is all the richer for the demonstration of theories in action in this complex case.' - European Eating Disorders Review `A detailed and compelling account of a young woman's struggle with anorexia nervosa. Certainly, the professional will learn from these insights, perhaps understanding better their patients' experiences and language. They are likely to benefit, too, from thinking about Ronen's patient-centred, individualised and creative approach'
  • British Journal of Clinical Psychology

    `One of the striking things about this story is Tammie's ability to speak her client's language. Through adapting a variety of therapeutic techniques into Ayelet's language of metaphors, imagery and art, Tammie not only enhanced the effectiveness of these techniques but established a therapeutic alliance based on collaboration and openness. Although one cannot dispute the importance of the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for change, the subsequent friendship that blossomed between them during the course of writing the book did leave me wondering where the boundaries between professional and personal relationships lie. Although aimed towards a range of professionals as well as those suffering from anorexia, I thought this book would be of particular benefit to those working in the eating disorders field as it not only provides a detailed of a theoretically grounded intervention, but also highlights a number of wider issues. These include the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, and the benefits of multiple interventions, all of which require ongoing debate within eating disorder teams as well as within the field as a whole. A valuable asset to any eating disorder service library.'
  • Human Givens

    `Tammie Ronen outlines the progress of therapy from the professional angle, describing decision making and treatment considerations specific to Ayelet, and giving an overview of contemporary research into anorexia and cognitive constructivist methods.'
  • Doody's Notes

    `This book uses a different approach to explore the disorder anorexia and its treatment. The client tells her story as she knows it, and the therapist hers… The objectives are noble and accomplished… The book is very useful due mainly to its unique presentation. So often clinicians fall prey to the therapeutic rut. This book reminds us of the client's experience and also gives a "happy ending" after a long and arduous trek through therapy for client and author. Laypersons will find this book easy to read and understand. I have quite a collection of books on eating disorders and this is a welcome addition.'