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How to Stop Homophobic and Biphobic Bullying

A Practical Whole-School Approach
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This vital teachers' guide to challenging homophobic and biphobic bullying offers unique insights to address the issue at its core. With a renewed focus on a whole school approach, it builds capacity in those who work with young people and inspires an inclusive approach in every setting. Laying out clear advice on how to recognise, stop and prevent homophobic and biphobic bullying, readers are given strategies to work with its perpetrators, bystanders and targets. The author explains how to handle disclosures regarding sexual orientation and provides advice on effective Anti-Bullying Policy referencing homophobic and biphobic bullying. Based upon the work of the UK's leading and award-winning LGBT+ anti-bullying charity Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH) this book additionally explores why young people are too often reluctant to report these forms of bullying; the increasing role of the online environment and the profound impacts bullying can have well into adulthood. Written by an expert in this field, this essential guide is for teachers, youth workers, the care sector and anyone with a duty of care towards young people.
  • Published: Aug 21 2020
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787753068
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Press Reviews

  • Peter K Smith, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

    This book on the bullying of gay, lesbian and bisexual pupils is well-organised, sensible, and packed with useful information for teachers as well as parents and pupils themselves. It can be highly recommended as a handbook to help tackle this important issue in the school context.
  • Steve Moir, Headteacher at Bradley Stoke Community School

    We have been incredibly fortunate to have benefitted from Jonathan's outstanding work with our school over the last 10 years. He has helped us shape our school's attitudes and ethos regarding LGBT matters. He has delivered inspirational training to our staff that has engaged and educated, as well as being a key focus for developing our policy and practice across the LGBT field and homophobic and biphobic bullying. Further, and most importantly, Jonathan has had huge impact on our student community: being thought provoking and challenging, yet balancing that with real sensitivity and an impressive ability to listen and empathise. We are proud to be associated with Jonathan's book, his work with EACH and he continues to be our 'go to' for his expert advice and guidance across this area of our students' lives and experiences.
  • Lauren Seager-Smith FRSA, CEO Kidscape

    This is an essential read for any school leader who is serious about tackling homophobic and biphobic bullying - and that should be all school leaders! It provides straightforward, practical advice and will make sure you are meeting your legal and moral obligations to keep children safe.
  • Roland Lovatt, Headteacher, Yeo Moor Primary School, Clevedon, North Somerset

    School leaders often talk about moral purpose and creating a fair and just society. Jonathan Charlesworth continues to give direction, insight and practical guidance on matters very directly to connected to this important aspect of what schools are about. Jonathan's expert exploration of key equalities issues inspired me - instilling confidence and understanding. School leaders seeking knowledge, insight and the assurance to recognise, stop and prevent homophobic or biphobic bullying will find it in this indispensable book.
  • Adrienne Katz FRSA, Director of Youthworks and 2018 joint winner of Inspirational Individual of the Year by the Ben Cohen Stand-up foundation

    With his many years of experience - both in teaching and leading a charity challenging this form of bullying and discrimination - Jonathan Charlesworth brings a calm wisdom to an issue that schools, colleges and alternative provision often struggle to address successfully. Prejudice related behaviour among students often reflects the environment our young people grow up in. This makes challenging prejudice and discrimination difficult when it may be learned at home or on the media and young people think it is justified. Schools will be better able to do so and make school a safe place with this book at their side. From the basics through to thoughtful considerations of complex situations, the author provides the essentials every teacher needs and will be inspired by. Charlesworth consulted young people and teachers and describes a gap between the lived experience of the young people and the views of the staff. These valuable insights should encourage schools to listen to their student body and change their interventions. Recent changes in legislation in the UK and in Ireland; and a new curriculum for RSE, all have to be assimilated into practice along with the Equality Act. But this is no dry text about law. Threaded throughout are practical tips and advice for the sensitive handling of disclosures and practice strategies that schools will implement in modern Britain. This should be required reading in teacher training and for all pastoral leads. It will be essential for anyone handling behaviour in schools and those preparing for statutory RSE.
  • Cameron Shaw, Principal, Bristol Metropolitan Academy (part of the Cabot Learning Federation)

    We have worked with Jonathan and EACH several times and our students and staff have always gained so much from their time with him. His original book, which helped develop understanding of how to recognise, stop and prevent homophobic bullying, was vital to our key staff in this important and ever-evolving area. Jonathan's ability to allow informative, open discussion and debate in a safe and secure environment has really enabled all students to feel more equipped and empowered to deal with challenging topics. His experience and expertise is captured in this new book. We very much look forward to making best use of this.
  • Chris Hildrew, Headteacher

    Education is about more than just the taught subjects on the school timetable. For an education to mean anything at all, our young people need to leave school with a sense of who they are. Our schools need to provide them with the skills, knowledge, character and confidence to assert their identity, in whatever form they find it. Bullying of any kind undermines that process so it is our responsibility as educators to challenge it. Jonathan Charlesworth offers an essential guide for educators who seek to understand the complexity of issues faced by young people concerning their emerging sexual identity. He explains accessibly the homophobic or biphobic bullying which can accompany the coming out (or indeed not coming out) of our lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning students. If our schools are to be truly inclusive we must understand and adjust to enable all our young people to thrive - however they identify. Jonathan's book is a key part of our toolkit in developing the schools that all our children need.