How to Get the Most Out of Clinical Pastoral Education

A CPE Primer

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This accessible primer sets out the core elements and methods of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), and shows how to use it most effectively to improve clinicians' capacity for spiritual care.

The guide explains how to learn best from verbatim sessions, open agenda groups and writing projects. It shows how the primary learning modalities of CPE add competence to a spiritual caregiver's practice, suggesting helpful ways to reflect on spiritual care encounters from varying perspectives. It recommends ways to collaborate with a peer group, enhance frameworks of understanding people, improve self-awareness and broaden one's scope of caring while also deepening it. Written by an experienced supervisor of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, this guide is an essential introduction for anyone seeking to foster positive attitudes and practice of spiritual care in hospitals, hospices and other clinical settings.
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Press reviews for: How to Get the Most Out of Clinical Pastoral Education

Rev Dr Amy Greene, Director, Center for Spiritual Care, Cleveland Clinic Health System Board Chair 2018-2019, ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education

How to Get the Most out of Clinical Pastoral Education is a great read for anyone considering the sacred journey of CPE. I highly recommend it for anyone who has been, is, or ever plans to be enrolled in a CPE program.

Christina Miller, RN, MSN, MDiv Retired Palliative Care Program Coordinator

This book fully describes and demystifies CPE, and it is full of nuggets of wisdom about engaging this unique process of experiential learning.

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