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How to Be Angry

An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids and Teens
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    • Signe Whitson
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Children often struggle to cope with anger, and angry feelings can boil over into aggression and destructive behaviour. This resource takes a different approach to anger, teaching children how to be angry effectively, rather than telling them not to be angry at all.

This group program provides step-by-step guidelines for building anger management and assertive emotional expression skills through tailored lessons, group activities and thought-provoking discussions. Participants will learn specific skills such as:

· Using I-Statements
· Standing Up to Bullies
· Disagreeing without Arguing
· Making and Refusing Requests
· Responding to Anger
· Finding Win—Win Solutions

Suitable for use with children and teenagers aged 5 - 18, this engaging resource will help children to overcome self-destructive patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive aggressive behaviour. It will be of great use to educators, counselors, social workers, youth care professionals, psychologists and parents.
  • Published: Jul 15 2011
  • Pages: 216
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058674
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Press Reviews

  • Reclaiming Youth International

    Each lesson in this very well-done guide book for teaching young people beter ways to express angry feelings is also vey user-friendly... How to Be Angry is a winning recipe and will be a valuable tool in homes, schools, community-base and residential programs. I recommend this book confidently.
  • The SL (The School Librarian)

    It is clear and well laid out... A useful tool for teachers.
  • From the Foreword by Dr Nicholas J. Long, Professor Emeritus, American University, Washington D.C., USA and President, Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute, USA

    How to Be Angry is theoretically sound, psychologically realistic and engagingly interactive. Anyone working or living with young people will be interested in How to Be Angry for the practical guidelines and engaging activities it uses to teach positive choices in anger expression and real-world skills for assertive communication. I can assure you that after teaching this curriculum and experiencing the rewarding comments of the students, this book, How to Be Angry, will never be returned to your book shelf.
  • Laura Oxley, Behaviour Support Worker

    Debate - British Psychological Society
    This book provides resources ideas and session plans for working on anger management and expression strategies with children and teenagers... The session plans are well laid out and easy to follow, with ideas for group activities and printable hand outs... Each session includes a weekly journal activity and a note for parents... I would recommend this book for direct, practical work on anger management with children and young people. The book is clear and practical, and would be a useful resource for anyone working in education or youth work.