Help! I'm Addicted

A Trans Girl's Self-Discovery and Recovery

My name is Rhyannon, and I'm an addict.

In 2012, Rhyannon Styles began her gender transition, and attended her first 12-Step meeting - beginning two journeys which changed the course of her life.

Using her personal narrative as a springboard for exploring addiction, recovery and LGBTQ+ mental health, Rhyannon writes with searing honesty about the complexity of her experiences. The book spans a range of addictions including alcohol, food, sex and relationships, the internet and narcotics, and highlights the ways in which addiction and the transition process can overlap.

A first-of-its kind narrative, and a powerful account of recovery, this book offers advice, hope and support for those struggling with addiction in its many forms.
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Press reviews for: Help! I'm Addicted

Charlie Craggs, author of To My Trans Sisters

Rhyannon's first book helped me so much and I know this book will help even more people.

Juno Roche, writer and campaigner

Beautifully written, utterly relatable and hugely readable from the get-go.


An act of love for the LGBTQIA+ community

Laura Pullman

The Sunday Times

Styles provides a brave insight into the psychological toll and knock-on behaviours that can come with changing gender and being stigmatised by society. The memoir serves an important account of the myriad challenges that transgender people often battle in a bid for self-worth, acceptance and love. For some in the trans community it could be invaluable.

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